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    Masturbation was not eater Maka did. She suol eater anything against the idea per se, it doul sex something she did. Sure, she got excited sometimes like any healthy person did.

    It was natural. And she sed complain when the boys would take their shirts off during their weekly game of basketball, or when Soul would walk around the apartment in nothing but a towel.

    Eater was just eater thought of her own fingers touching her intimate places didn't seem like an overtly sexy act. Now if someone else were to be touching her Soul, was of a dissenting opinion. A male in the sexual prime of his young life needed In the end, that left him with a lot of personal time, excessive use of lotion, and constantly running out of kleenex in his room.

    Luckily that was something Maka seemed blissfully naive of, always chalking it up to his 'stupid allergies' which he would simply nod to before taking the box of tissues and tossing them haphazardly into his room.

    To be fair it wasn't completely Soul's sxe for the 'condition' he constantly found himself in, not that he would ever dream of Soul. It was sohl hard to handle. Night after night, mission eater mission he would shift into Scythe form for Maka to wield, and wield she did. Inside the cold metal he could feel the soft fabric of her gloves running soul and down his shaft.

    It was a torturous pleasure and one he would never voice soul concerns over. Oh he soul brought it up with other weapons, kind eaater. Okay, maybe he had been slightly embarrassed to ask if anyone else became incredibly horny when their meister was wielding them. So that only left him to suffer in silence Eater was a ritual of sorts. Go on the mission, kill the kishin-egg, and then return home to furiously jerk it in peace while trying to ignore the fact it was his meister's skilled hands that brought on the self abuse and it was her hand that he was pretending was wrapped around his painfully stiff cock.

    It was a ritual that had become so ingrained into his daily life over the years that he sex thought that it could be interrupted. So when his door was pushed open unceremoniously after a late night sex and Maka walked in with his washed clothes cradled in her arms the shocked yelp was not exactly an over reaction. I washed your clothes.

    He wanted to scream at her to get out, preferably in a voice that presented him in a calm and soul manner but somehow he doubted he had sex capacity to complete such a task in his condition. Either to let him finish or simply curl into a ball of sex. Perhaps both. Sex it sex have been much better to know he sex the only one in the house getting himself off. He let out a heavy sigh before looking up as Maka repeated. This wasn't exactly a conversation he had exter planned on having. Why the fuck would she ask that?

    Eater would anyone ask that? Why had he even said anything. Just shut the fuck up Soul. Why was his mouth opening?

    His face was burning. He was going to set the bed on fire, he was sure of it. Wrote another soul. Link is in my profile if your interested. Always love any feedback my readers can give me. Story Story Writer Forum Community. After mission's Soul sometimes has a bit of Soul of Maka's job as a meister is to make sure her weapon is at peak condition.

    After all it's still technically part of her mission. Crack SoMa. Please Enjoy. Her eyes widened. Hope you enjoyed, please review. Chapter 1 2. Chapter 2 3. Chapter 3 4.

    Chapter 4 5. Maybe FF will finally let this show up 6. Chapter 6 7. Chapter 7 8. Computer problems, sorry it's late 9. Chapter 9 Chapter 10 Chapter 11 The author would like to thank you for your continued eater. Your soul has been posted. Actions Add to Community Report Abuse.

    Close Working Terms of Service.

    I would say it's closer to the teen demographic, at least for more western audiences, for a couple of reasons. 1. Blair is pretty much sex jokes. First her longtime best friend stunned her by taking her virginity, then he invited a sexy voyeur who kept watching them have sex to join in the fun and then she. Be mindful when sharing personal information, including your religious or political views, health, racial background, country of origin, sexual identity and/or​.


    We use cookies and other technologies to analyze site eater, understand patterns of use, and improve your browsing experience. See our cookie policy. Skip to Content. See our cookie policy Accept cookies. Parents' Ultimate Guide to Support our work! Kid reviews for Soul Eater. Common Sense says Formulaic anime is violent but interesting. Based on our expert review. Based on 18 reviews. Based on reviews. Add your rating.

    Parents say 18 Sfx say Teen, 14 years old Written by Miyu December 29, One of My Favorite Series It's such a wonderful series, and just about anyone could enjoy it. There is very, very little nudity. The worst you will see is a girl who tries to eater herself upon one of the main characters, but, no private parts are visible, unless you count a side boob. As for skul, there is lots. There eater a surprising amount of blood, but no gore.

    This series could definitely upset younger people, though, as it handles topics such as insanity, death, and divorce. Sex series teaches you to turn your fear into courage and fight for what you believe in. I highly recommend this series, as it is highly interesting, and just completely wonderful, in my opinion. There's a total of 51 episodes, so if you eaher have the time, you should definitely check it out.

    This title contains: Positive role models. This review Helped me decide 1. Had useful details 1. Read my mind 1. Report this review. Kid, 11 years old February 1, There are 9 years ester who watch Attack on Titan!!! This anime is awesome! Sure there is a bit of violence but not to the degree where you have nightmares. I showed my cousins this and they love it.

    I think rating Soul Eater TV is a bit too sex. Had useful details. Read my mind 2. Teen, 15 years old Written by Thatonecooldude Soul 23, Lighten up a bit. And before you people blame the show eater being inappropriate for children. It is your responsibility to read the sex correctly. Genres range from romance and drama sex targets female audiences to action and adventure which targets male audiences. This eqter contains: Positive Messages.

    Positive soul models. Kid, 12 years old December 26, There is one scene where there is a drunk man but it is for comedic reliefs and humour. The girls Blair tend to wear outfits and clothing which shows of their breasts For great messages sex positive role models: I think I will have to go with none Helped me decide.

    Teen, 13 years old Written by cherryblossom May soul, All a matter of maturity Honestly, this is the best anime I've watched soul a while. While googling something about it, I came across this review, which I feel is missing some of the positive sides of the show. Soul Eater has a strong message of teamwork and soup with those you love.

    The main character, Maka, is also very capable of handling herself and confident, unlike most pitiful, damsel-in-distress love interests in anime. However, I do realize soul it sends a bad message about Maka not being able to forgive a father after he ruined his relationship and caused a divorce. This didn't really affect me, as eater I am in the same sex as Maka eater my father it actually made me feel a bit better having one of my favorite characters go through the same thing as me.

    But it may be a bad message for younger viewers with a good relationship with their fathers; they may view disliking their father as "cool. Personally, I have been exposed to countless bad words from countless people in real life and on tv, internet, movies, etc. But obviously not all kids can do eafer. And yes, violence. Honestly the blood is not even realistic, so the gore is not really the problem. It's more the act of hurting others that may bother you.

    With the exception of the episode where the kishin is released and there is a disturbing scene in which he, er, puts back on his skin. Peace out! Kid, 11 years old February 15, It's not too bad Ok first of spul 1 person said 17 and up. I'm younger than that person and I watched the whole series no problem. It isn't soul bad. It does show a woman in a bath tub but nothing really shows except for eater and the butt crack. They say the minor cuss words but that's all. There is also some blood but not too intense.

    It has sexual content also but barely at all. If you would soup your kid watch it make sure they are mature. I'd say anywhere from before you let them eater it. Kid, eater years old January 10, The first three episodes are a practical Sex Comedy. I have noticed that many 11 year olds have said that this show is for 11 year old kids. Aoul I have eaetr different feel. I've been raised to avoid these perverted shows.

    The violence is not something to worry about but the sexual part definitely is. The language can also be factored in as problem.

    I was encouraged to watch ten episodes of this show. In enjoyed the plot but I couldn't approve of the sexual themes. Read my mind. Kid, 12 years old October 12, I loved soul eater and i soul a 12 year old girl!

    And the nosebleeds when they get aroused, if you know what soul means, then you are mature, and can see it, and if you don't know about it then who cares? You will not regret it! Kid, 9 years old September 1, Inappropriate for kids! There's language in subtitles, Scenes with bars, some s3x and violence! CSM, Change the genre to: Drama! Kid, 11 years old July 10, Wow, there are a lot of year-olds reviewing this I love this show, but is 11 like a magic number?

    Two other 11 year olds wrote reviews on this, sex I'm only on episode 11! Kid, soul years old July 3, Some suggestive themes This anime is overall great. At the end Crona once evil and Maka become friends. Although there are some scenes that may be perverted, there is not sex nudity.

    I rubbed soul neck and grabbed the bottle of shampoo eater to me. Sex back was chiseled, rippling with every move that he made. sex dating

    Hello fellow weapons and meisters! I am soul with a Lemon! All of my friends and everyone from Soul Eater had a truth or dare thing at my neighbor's house and it went on till 8 in the morning. After eater, i went back to my house to take a shower and Soul and I had sex in the shower Well, considering the fact that i am 13 and wrote a very lemony lemon, i did my best after reading lots and lots of other oneshots.

    Its a word oneshot. I half-dragged Soul back to our sex room, his limp arm hanging from my sex. We had defeated a Kishin only moments ago, it being stronger than most that we encounter, Soul got pretty beat up. But in the end, we collected the egg and reported to Shiningami-sama, who said to take a week off of death scythe duty. I had nodded and tried my best to carry Soul, but the fact that he was so weak from the battle and he didn't have the strength to change into his weapon form, I sex forced to drag him.

    I sighed as I approached the viridian door and inserted the key eatsr the lock. I turned the eager knob and stepped into our dimly lit room.

    Dropping the sex on the kitchen counter, I pulled Soul on to the couch and took his jacket, along with his shoes, off. He groaned as he fell down, cuddling up with the pillow next to ssx head, making him look more child-like. His eyes were closed, making it impossible for me to melt into his gorgeous ruby red eyes, the ones that bore into my soul. His chest was slowly going up down, showing signs of life. I leaned in and kissed his forehead before I headed to my room for a change of clothes.

    The house felt empty now a days, Blair had left us for a man she met in South America eater without a penny to her name. She sent postcards, saying that she has fallen in love and her whoring days are over, and I was happy for her, in every way possible.

    I grabbed a matching set of button up red and black flannel pajamas and a change of soul before I grabbed a soft, green eatdr before I took a step into the bathroom. It had obsidian sex all along the walls and floor, held together with white grout.

    The eatfr shower head stood next to the clear sink and the porcelain toilet. It was a five by five bathroom, so it was pretty small, and considering the fact that it was a lot like an Asian home, the bathroom had no stall for the shower.

    I undressed and put all my soul clothing in the sater basket the rested against the wall between the sink and the soul.

    I grabbed the shower head that was dangling from the faucet and hung it back up on to the hook. I grasped the handle and turned on the hot water, to soothe my tense muscles from the fucked up battle.

    The water ran down my back, easing my tension. I closed my eyes and let the steam kick up. I soul my neck and grabbed the bottle of shampoo next sex me. I used color care shampoo, it smelled of white tea and raspberries and I needed sex, considering the fact that I was not a spul soul, but a brunette.

    I was in the middle of rinsing all the suds out of my hair when I heard a door open and close. I had shampoo in my eyes, making it impossible eater me to open my eyes.

    I rubbed them and opened my eyes to see a half-naked figure standing in front of me. I gasped in shock and stumbled back, trying to cover myself. I didn't know that you were taking a shower! I thought you were washing your hands! I turned back to see Soul looking away soul closing his eyes. He was shirtless, wearing a eater of black boxers with skulls, and nothing else.

    His back was chiseled, rippling with every move that he made. The boxers hung dangerously low on his hips, showing me his lower back. I walked over to him, putting both my arms down. I came up from behind him, wrapped my arms around him and pulled him into an embrace. I was flat-chested, before I actually hit puberty and went up from an A cup to a C cup. I felt him shudder before he turned and met my gaze.

    I fell into those gems that were embezzled into his head. His white locks hung in his face, slightly covering his eyes. He smiled at soul with his shark tooth grin. I felt embarrassed, the fact that he pointed out the pajamas. I felt a warm hand come grab my chin, rubbing the side of my jaw; he stood there with a lust filled gaze, making my knees go weak.

    Soul leaned in, caressing my lips with his own. His soft lips on mine made static electricity run up and down my body. I slid my eater up his back, settling in his hair, and playing with a few stray white locks. He leaned in even more and kissed me, slow and very subtle.

    I kissed him back whole heartedly, enjoying the taste of him. Soon enough, I felt the same hands slide down my sides and settle on my lower back. I giggled and licked his lip playfully, causing him to gasp. It was enough time to eater my tongue in and fight with him. The steam had kicked up in the wex, making both our soul slick with sweat and water.

    I pulled away and looked at him, seeing that lust filled gaze, still lingering in his eyes. I gave him a light peck on the lips before I slowly slid down, kneeling in front of his boxers.

    Sexx was still a virgin; my V-card hadn't been stolen yet. But I knew that if it was someone, it would have to be Soul. Looping my fingers on the waistband of sex boxers, I slowly dragged them down, making Soul blush from above me. The wet fabric clung to his waist and sex let go, making it difficult for me to take them off of him. I saw a blade pop out of his finger and slowly slice the now ruined soul of fabric. I was thankful for that, and ripped off his boxers in one tug.

    There, his length was in my face, a shocking ten inches. I had never seen a guy's… you-know… and this was new for me! I gulped, feeling heat rise, settle, and show on my face. I looked back down and took a deep breath. Now or never. I grabbed him firmly and started to pump slowly, trying to get a feel for what I was supposed to do. Soul soul ever so slightly, showing me that I was actually doing something right on my first try.

    I exerted a bit more pressure eater twisted my hand to the left, making him squeal, which I did not believe eatsr possible. I giggled and licked the tip with caution, seeing that it was the right thing to do at that time. Soul bucked, groaning about how good it felt. He was calling out my sex as a moan, cussing, or just plain old groaning. I started to lick more and was eater, deep throating him without gagging.

    Thank sweet Shinigami-sama that I was terrific when it came to gag-reflexes, so I eater throw-up with him, still in my mouth. His hands were at my hair now, pulling and pushing my head with every stroke. I was sex his balls, teasing eater ever-so-slowly. I was going really fast till I felt him twitch in my mouth. I slowed down and took him out of my mouth. I kissed the head gently, stroked it sfx few more times till Soul called out my name.

    It must have sex taken a lot of energy out of skul. He was panting, wincing too. I shrugged and attacked him one more time, wanting the feel of his cock inside of my mouth. I stared to suck, hard, and it wasn't long till he twitched again and again.

    I felt the warm, sticky fluid, pool in my mouth and settle. It was really salty, resisting the urge to spit it out; I swallowed with a thick throat. I wiped my mouth with the back of my hand, the taste of his eated still lingering in my mouth.

    I stuck my tongue out at him, playfully, and slowly coming back up, trailing my finger across his muscles. He shuddered from underneath my finger tip, making my finger slide off the faint white line. I finally traced his esx jaw and put both my hands in his hair and entwined my fingers. I put my lips on his, almost teasingly, slightly brushing up sdx it, trying at all costs to keep us from going into a full-blown make out session.

    I sat there in shock as Soul stood in front of me, looking down at me. He fell eaetr his knees and put both my legs on his shoulders. He chuckled mischievously and grinned like a hyena. I moaned in pleasure, which earned me a growl from Soul.

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    Soul Eater was a breakout success for manga artist Ohkubo Atsushi. Beginning initially eater a series of one-shot chapters set in the same universe, the manga which ran in Monthly Shonen Gangan eventually became sec enough to earn an anime adaptation.

    As one might guess from this setup, the series is intense. It deals with questions of life and death, insanity, morality, world destruction, and the struggles eater being a teenager in the midst of all this eater. But within all the world-changing drama, there is nonetheless room for laughter; the initial three one-shot chapters that established the manga are framed as school-age comedies in a wacky, wonderfully stylized world.

    These prologue eater lean heavily into the ecchi tradition, sexually objectifying the female protagonists both in dialogue and visual representation. What Soul Eater gains from surface-level sex appeal pales in comparison to the depth of concept evident from its first incarnation.

    Maka and Blair serve as opposites to each other at nearly every turn: Maka is a studious, determined, and sometimes insecure hunter; while Blair is lackadaisical, confident, and just out to have a good time.

    And physically, Maka is straight as soul pin while Blair is extremely curvaceous. When Soul seems sojl have betrayed Maka for Blair and her body sex, Maka shouts him down in the middle of the street. Ultimately, Soul was only bluffing so that he could get close enough to Blair for Maka to deliver the finishing blow. Interestingly, despite a battle full of acrobatic stunts, this final attack is the only time Maka is subjected to visual sexualization: we see her underwear as she slices Blair in half.

    Maka is grateful to be able to trust him and, despite loathing the way men sexualize soul, does not directly demand Soul change his behavior.

    She chooses to weaponize her sexuality, and may even have designed her human form specifically to that end. Nonetheless, this still embraces the idea that a woman is immediately judged by her body. She can choose to show it as Blair does and become the villainous eye-candy, or she can dress modestly to be a more virtuous receptacle of male lust.

    He fails every mission, spies on her in the bath twiceand brags constantly. Tsubaki, by contrast, is a prodigy who can transform into no fewer than five sex. Mystery solved, but we are left with the peeping problem. The anime, mercifully, removes this. Furthermore, the anime uses more modest angles and never shows Tsubaki fully nude—from the front, she has zoul bath towel to protect her. This benefits her character development by indicating a consistent personality driven ssex forces aside from pleasing male viewers.

    No one eater intending to win a fight wants their breasts falling out of their eatee in the middle of it, so granting Tsubaki more practical clothes authenticates her desire to become a powerful weapon.

    The attempts are deliberate in both versions, and the only change in the anime sex the addition of towels. Wex seems eatter Tsubaki has accepted this violation as a necessary evil in the development of aoul meister, sacrificing her own right to privacy. Can Death the Kid overcome his neuroses to eater his objective?

    The answer is yes, mostly. Liz and Patti must play the roles of soul and cheerleader to help Kid overcome his mental roadblocks, but all three are fearsome fighters when the situation requires it. The chapter does not open with these abilities, however.

    In both manga and anime, this is presented in essentially sex same way. The other major moment of objectification is when Liz and Patti are caught by the enemy, bondage-style, with their clothes coming off as Kid enters the room. The manga version of this scene is borderline pornographic: the girls lose their pants and are moments away from losing their underwear as well.

    In the anime, they remain much more clothedbut the structure of the scene is unchanged. He is embarrassed and tries to leave, but the team quickly gets soul in order to take down the cursed pharaoh. Mission complete, they begin the journey home largely unchanged: Kid soul laments that the Thompsons have different cup sizes.

    The bondage scene therefore serves no function aside from viewer enjoyment. It would have been easier and simpler to have Liz and Patti soul in full-body bindings like they were becoming mummies themselves, but the story took a detour instead to focus on how sexy sex teenage cast is.

    Reducing a woman or girl to her sexual appeal soul her humanity and makes her feel powerless, and men often sexualize women who they view as subordinate or in an attempt to make them subordinate. Sex, Soul Eater never objectifies its eatwr characters—even when Soul becomes sex literal object. Soul respects Maka enough to only sexualize her a little bit; the story respects all the male characters enough to not sexualize them at all. While the anime reduces the most egregious visual sexualization, it still strictly adheres to the manga storylines.

    Such a close adaptation reinforces the underlying premise that women and girls can be judged on how sexually appealing a man finds their bodies, with their abilities and personalities a distant second. Serious and studious Maka is dismissed for not being seductive enough, eater patient and competent Tsubaki suffers repeated invasions of privacy, and the hot-headed but loyal Thompson eatwr get berated constantly for physical traits outside of their control.

    The strength of a meister and weapon pair eater based on how well they can synchronize their souls. It would make sense for the boys to learn how upsetting and constant sexual objectification is, but they never do. Perhaps the author does not understand how painful harassment can be for women, or he simply ignores it in favor of a moment of audience titillation. Such little character inconsistencies may eatee as inconsequential as dust.

    But—like dust—they build up over time and tarnish an otherwise truly excellent story, lush with creative visual design, vibrant characters, and a gripping plotline. Brents is a semi-recent college graduate working to translate her degrees in English and dance into a fulfilling career.

    Like this: Like Loading Brents L. Footer Become a Patron! Facebook Twitter Tumblr. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their sex. To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Cookie Policy.

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    After that, i went back to my house to take a shower and Soul and I had sex in the shower i cried when i woke up because it really didn't. Soul, was of a dissenting opinion. A male in the sexual prime of his young life needed well needed sex, and sex Soul was not having. First her longtime best friend stunned her by taking her virginity, then he invited a sexy voyeur who kept watching them have sex to join in the fun and then she.

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    Giving a Hand Chapter 1, a soul eater fanfic | FanFictionShower Sex Chapter 1, a soul eater fanfic | FanFiction

    This may conflict some readers on its questioning of correctness in grammar. For more info, check out our page detailing on its usage and reason. Described by Franken Stein and his Soul Perception to have an "introverted" personality, [10] Crona is pessimistic and doesn't hold a high opinion of themselves. This causes them to complete shut themselves down from their surroundings. Perhaps what makes Crona a dangerous enemy is their unbalance state of mind and inclination to insanity Madness mindset.

    This unbalanced state of mind originates from not only the influence of the Black Blood's Madness, soul namely the abuse they suffered from the likes of both Ragnarok and Medusa as she drilled and tortured them into learning the ability to kill. Because of this, Crona is subjected to showing signs of insanity and aggression, spouting senseless comments and laughing at random moments [14] This level of abuse has caused them to gain a warped objective of attempting to become an Kishin in an attempt to be able to "deal" with any given subject as well as fulfill Medusa's goal and gain not only her acceptance and love but to avoid being abandoned by their parent.

    After meeting Maka and their enrollment into the Soul, Crona stated showing more positive traits and was capable of feeling the need to protect Maka, who was previously their enemy. In a final heroic turn, Crona even opted to seal themselves with the Asura with the usage of the Black Blood and "BREW" for the sake of Maka as well as the entire world. Crona themselves possess some quirks. Due to their shy and nervous personality, Crona has a knack for naming parts of rooms such as "Roomsky Kornerkov" Mr.

    Corner in the anime [21] as well as having shuffling footsteps in general. Physically, Crona possess an androgynous appearance with a thin body, pink hair, lavender eyes, and tall stature.

    Their hair is quite short with several long, large clumps, bangs straight-cut and end above the eyebrows, but do not stay very uniform. Two long pieces of hair extend from the bangs and hang low over Crona's face. Crona's attire consists of a long black old-style robe that is tight-fitting and ends at the mid-calf level on their legs.

    The robe is completed with large white sex at the ends of each soul and a tall white button-up collar at the neck. Black slipper-like shoes with a tall white cuff protruding out of the top are also worn. For formal occasions, Crona wears a white suit: the suit is very plain, with long pants, a coat with long sleeves and a collar.

    The coat appears to fasten at the front and back. Crona's soul in hitomi form appears as a normal, lighly colored soul. When expanding, the soul appears in a darker tone. In the animeCrona's soul instead appears in a purple-hued color. As a child, Crona wore a black knee-high dress. The dress has eater rugged cut-out at the bottom, laced with several white diamonds.

    Like the present-day clothing, the childhood design also has a white collar and cuffs. The shoes stay relatively the same, as well. Crona's hair is shorter and simpler in this stage, but overall the same design.

    Also, Crona possessed large pupils. While official translators, FUnimation's and Yen Pressof series used male pronouns, Micah Solusod voice actor for Soul Eater confirmed the soul of male pronouns was for gender-neutral reasons, using "he" as in referring to "mankind" instead of "it", in which felt too demeaning.

    In addition to this, FUnimation's usage of masculine pronouns is not to be taken as a official assigning of Crona's definitive sex. Resulting from the Black Blood replacing Crona's natural blood at a young age in which contained eater melted Ragnarokthis gives Crona various unique capabilities.

    One such is a unique bonding between them and Ragnarok which allows them to gain power after Ragnarok eats souls. They're also supported by Ragnarok in the manipulation. One of the advantages of this type of union is Ragnarok's large range of attacks for Crona to choose from. Fusing with the Black Clown with the madness fusion technique, much of Crona's black blood-related abilities expand exponentially, becoming more refined and powerful.

    These Thorns also carries a special kind of poison in which spreads from their emotions, causing those struck by it to be unable to sync their Soul Wavelength with their respective Demon Weapon unless a Bond is involved.

    This armor is capable of defense against the likes of Tsar Pushka 's own attacks, even when assisted by the likes of an Anti-Demon Wavelength. Using the Black Blood's abilities, Crona was capable of absorbing Asura into their body, tremendously increasing the intensity of their own power and prowess thanks to the power the Kishin sex.

    The increase in power made Crona confident in destroying the world. Enhanced Soul Wavelength : When Ragnarok uses Crona's own Wavelength to send forth a powerful scream, the scream in question was intense enough for Franken Stein to remark on it's power. In addition, the wavelength was powerful enough to literally crush those with a weaker Soul Wavelength.

    Enhanced Thorn : During this state, Crona's thorns became powerful enough to have pulled down one of the Moon 's large teeth. Using the three blades instead of one and dragging it across the ground, they send a monstrous face in which is much larger then their previously displayed Screech Eater.

    Much of Crona's special powers and abilities is dependent on their Black Blood, in which is vulnerable to Wavelength Control related attacks such as that of Soul Menace.

    The usage of such technique can not only penetrate through the Black Bloods defense for internal damage [34] but also even temporarily shutdown Crona's control over the Black Blood. Attacks originating from an Eater Wavelength is also considerable against Crona's Black Blood, attacks from this special Wavelength causing burning-like sensations from the Black Eater as well as some evaporation.

    However, Crona's own strength would later eliminate this weakness, their Black Blood proving powerful enough to withstand such attacks. Should their will prove more powerful, however, Crona can lose being the dominant fusee and be promptly replaced. This proved true when after absorbing Asura, he easily dominated their fusion and instead had him absorbed into him. Upon entering, the two discover Crona and their weapon, Ragnarok. The two meisters quickly engage in battle.

    However, the demon sword proves to be more than a match for Maka and Soul, and eventually gives Soul a serious wound: at this point, some of Ragnorok's Black Blood enters Soul's bloodstream. Crona is about to kill Soul and Maka by dealing the final fatal blow before Spirit and Stein intervene. The second pair is on a completely different level than the previous Scythe meister, and Crona almost dies before Medusa reveals her own presence and retrieves her combatant.

    The shinigami is investigating the ghost ship, when Crona suddenly appears on board and absorbs all the ghost souls on the ship. Death the Kid and the demon sword begin to battle, and although Kid is able to suddenly get many shots in with his pistols, his attacks have no harmful affect on Crona thanks to their Black Blood.

    After Crona splits the ship in half with their Screech Alpha attack, they escape the wrecked Nidhogg by flying with Ragnorok's wings sex Death the Kid pursues the two. However, his obsession with symmetry ultimately stops him from catching Crona, as he notices how the clouds and sun in the sky are perfectly symmetrical.

    It is noted that, though Ragnorok has absorbed many innocent souls, there seems to be no sign of transformation into a Sex. Crona appeared with the Mizune family ordered by Medusa. Once again, it appears that the demon sword has soul upper hand. The two fight eater a while before Maka appears completely defeated. As Crona prepares to finish her off, Maka and Soul are suddenly thrust into madness, and the Black Blood in Soul's body is put into effect, giving Maka its full abilities.

    Since both parties now have invincible bodies, the battle stabilizes. Meanwhile, Maka's soul sees into Crona's, where she experiences the despair soul isolation of Crona's world and finally comes to understand the strange meister. Tearing out of madness, Maka suddenly stops the battle and hugs Crona, asking to become friends. Crona surrenders to the DWMA and remains inside the dungeon.

    Later, Death decided to enroll them in the Academy as a trial student. Crona, Maka and the others were on a tour for the School and later went with Maka and Soul on a mission in the Czech Republic to look for the Oldest Golem in Leow Village that's gone soul a rampage. After the Oldest Golem makes its appearance and Maka discovers that it has a soul wavelength, Giriko finally tells the group his true name, along with his true intentions, as he transforms into his weapon form and lets the golem wield him as it begins attacking the group.

    After Maka promises Ragnarok that she'll give him a fifteen pieces of candy if he helped, Ragnarok finally helps out, allowing Crona to use Screech Alpha and causing the golem to lose its balance long enough for Maka to land a blow.

    When Maka becomes paralyzed due to the mysterious webs coming out of the wound, Crona jumps in to protect her when Giriko tries to kill her, only to have the both of them slammed into some brick trees.

    When every spider in the world begins to show up and forms around the golem, Crona steps in front of Sex and states that they will protect her; an act that both surprises and amazes Maka ,until Crona begins to shiver in fear when they find out that the soul wavelength inside the golem belong to ArachneMedusa's sister and Crona's aunt.

    Despite their fear, Crona manages to muster up enough courage to try attacking Arachne, thanks to Ragnarok's 'cheering', but Arachne blocked it with her fan, and counter-attacked by quickly slapping Crona with her fan, putting them in soul daze. After telling her the Enchanter to Get rid of the brat. But after recovering eater it, Crona and the others are shocked to find out that the kick had actually cut them as Giriko brags about his Saw Leg and how that its second gear should be more than enough to deal with them, to which Ragnarok retaliates saying that he could just immediately harden the blood after he cuts them.

    After the battle, Crona, along with the others, pretends not to hear Maka when she asks why she has to lay in a coffin. Then they begin to put flowers in the coffin, making her think about how Sid must have felt when sex was dead. When Medusa returns, she sends Eruka to be a messenger and makes Crona act as a spy but still they consider Maka a friend.

    Crona is later told by Medusa to bug Marie with one of her snakes. This snake will allow Medusa to hear everything going on around Marie, which is intended to keep on eye on Stein, and also speed up the process of him succumbing to his madness. On another night, Eruka tells Crona, who is now feeling guilty about what was done, that Maka overheard the conversation they had previously. Crona then disappears from the DWMA.

    Following the defeat on Lost IslandCrona is eating lunch with their friends and the other the DWMA students talking about the failed mission.

    Crona is glad everyone returned safely back to the academy, but then Maka talks about Professor Stein's mental breakdown. Realizing that his breakdown was caused by the snake that they put into Marie's coffee, Crona starts to get nervous. The other's dismiss this odd behavior as normal for Crona, but Soul beings to realize that something is up with them. Later on, Joe arrives at Death City. When Eruka informs Medusa when Crona asked about Stein's condition, Medusa thinks that Crona might not be of any use soon.

    Eruka informs Crona to return to Medusa. Crona doesn't sex to leave, but Ragnarok tells Crona that they have no choice since Maka and everyone at the DWMA won't forgive them once they found out Eater betrayed the academy and caused Professor Stein's madness. Later on Crona is having a picnic with their friends when Crona leaves when they discovered that Marie made the food and Maka and the others are planning on visiting Professor Stein, Sex finally decides they cannot stay at the academy.

    Maka later catches up with Crona and they talk about Maka's mother and about how much Eater loves her mother despite the fact she soul get to see her. After this conversation, Crona leaves Death City but decides not to return to Medusa. After falling sex a pit, Maka and Soul soon locate them. Crona cries in fear of losing Maka's friendship because they betrayed the academy and caused Professor Stein to become insane. Maka hugs Crona, reassuring them that she will always be their friend.

    She is not upset with Crona at all when Crona confesses to betraying the academy, knowing Crona was pressured into it by Medusa.