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    History, tourist information, and nearby accommodation

    This is the Seaford History History page. On here we hope to offer you an insight to our town from the past. The history articles are either sent in to this Seaford Times website, from articles in our local newspapers, The Sussex Express seaford Seaford Gazette, or from Facebook pages.

    I hope they bring back some memories. I was recently lucky to meet and interview a 93 year old Seafordian with a Canadian accent. As today is the anniversary of the D-Day Landings I thought you may like to hear his story….

    I am now 93 and I am visiting Seaford with my daughter Susan. I now live in Canada. My grandfather Alfred was born in Firle in and my grandmother Matilda Winter was born in Seaford in I have sussex real memories of seaford school days although I do remember the black tarmac playground at the back of the Church Street school. At Steyne Road one of seaford teachers was quite small.

    Sussex would flick ink-balls at her but she would creep up behind you when you were working in class. At the other school the headmaster was a big man but he got into trouble when he beat one of the boys with a cricket seaford.

    My boyhood friends were John Baker whose father ran the hardware store on the corner of Church Street and Clinton Place and a lad called Richardson history father had the paper shop in High Street at the bottom of Broad Street. We sailed alone to Liverpool where we were met by my grandparents and got the train down to Bishopstone.

    We lived in White Cottages at the back of the church. My parents joined us in and we moved to 19 Chichester Road and later to 30 Chichester Road.

    The Police Station was at the end of the road. At the start of the war we moved to a house called Southover in Hindover Road. I remember hearing the bombs dropping and on one occasion Hindover Road was machine-gunned — right up the middle of the road seaford was! We ran for shelter in the Seven Sisters pub. When we came out, the girls school Downs had been hit and there were bedsheets and clothes all over the place and even up in the trees.

    While we were working one day, we heard the air-raid sirens. Suddenly two German planes came up from under the cliffs and strafed seaford.

    We dived for cover. I hid in a pile of bricks but some of the others went into a wooden shed and were injured when it was hit. The planes were so close — if I had a rifle I could have shot at them.

    After the raid I ran down the hill and used a telephone box in Steyne Road to call for an ambulance. Quite a few men were badly hurt up there. I got a job working for Funnels and one of the jobs was going to Portsmouth to dig up old steel for the war effort. I joined the Seaford Home Guard.

    Our first guns were old Navy issue but we were later issued with webbing, a uniform and an Enfield rifle. Our officer was a man called History who lived in Sutton Road.

    Our HQ was a hall in town. The Queens Hall. I remember seeing a raid on Seaford — I saw the bombs dropping from the sussex — they just looked like seaford of potatoes being dropped. I then saw the big clouds of dust being thrown up. I later found that the place where I sussex born, 9, Pelham Road, had been destroyed in the raid. When I was 17 I joined the Royal Marines.

    I was sent to the Marine Barracks sussex Portsmouth and was amazed to find I was in the very same barrack room when my father had been in the First War.

    The next year I was involved in the D-Day landings. I was due to be on the Black Prince but missed out on that. We arrived off Arromanches at about 6. History ship had machine guns and acid in order to make smoke-screens. We went around port-side onto the beach for the landing craft to be deployed. It was all terrible to watch — I was only When the beach was secure we cruised along to find wounded men.

    There were lots of dead and wounded in the water but we only picked up the casualties. One soldier was grey and looked dead but you could just see his lips history so we got him on board.

    We were there for a week and a half before our ship decided to sink so we came home. Of the crew only 90 came back. Later we fought up through Holland to Hangerlow?.

    The Americans wanted us to attack Bremmen history with no seaford our officer said no. I wanted to work on the guns and sussex chap called Elliot wanted to be a driver but they got us mixed up and we ended up doing the jobs each other sussex to do.

    We headed up to the coast to Wilhelmshaven. On one occasion we took the wrong turning and got lost. We stopped to ask for directions at a small cottage.

    Luckily our senior officer spoke a bit of German. He returned to tell us we were actually 5 miles behind enemy lines in Germany!

    We soon got out. My daughter was born in Brighton. Sussex was getting 38 dollars a seaford on the railway and when I joined up my wages over doubled.

    I remember being on Hill when the Chinese were on Hill They sent over planes. I was in an armoured car going along with some others when we were attacked and one history them got hit. They were blown all over. It was horrible. I am very lucky to have survived several near-misses. It was great to speak to such a nice man — a true hero! This article was written by Kevin Gordon. A Seaford man has received the sussex honour of being history a Royal National Lifeboat Seaford gold badge for his diligent fund raising efforts over the years.

    Chairman of the branch for many years, Mr Hayes was justly delighted with his award. Mr Hayes was nominated for the award by the south-east section of the organisation. History am obviously very pleased about the honour but seaford is as much for the branch as for myself. Mr Hayes has lived in Seaford for 41 years and used to own Chesterton School in the town. TWO of the most respected members of the History business community have retired after running the highly respected family electrical contracting firm they founded in the town over 30 years ago.

    Husband and wife team Colin and Joan Seymour set up C. Seymour Ltd after moving to the town from Hampshire, and opened their first shop in Church Street in But their retirement does not spell the end of C.

    Seymour Ltd for a management buy-out means the firm will continue with business as usual. Ken Holt, former general manager, now becomes the managing director of the company with directors Arthur Snell. John Earl. Aubry Holt and Dr Stathers constituting the newly-formed board. In the photo. Mrs Trigwell, of Ashurst Road, Seaford, has also received the distinguished Silver Acorn award for her service as cub leader and district badge secretary. She was cub leader of the 6th Seaford Cubs until her sussex in but she carried on fund raising history the group.

    Mrs Trigwell then took over as badge secretary for the Seahaven District Scouts. The family business was started in by Frank Thomas Winser and his wife who opened small premises in Brooklyn Road. Their next move was to East Street and then finally High Street in where the shop has remained till this day.

    After the death of Barry last November, Terry, 58, and his wife Sheila, 49, decided to call it a day. Dillons Group has taken over sussex shop which will be run by Keith and Irene Rowe. Although Terry and Sheila will miss the customers, it will make a change to have a long lie in after starting work at 5am for many years.

    It seemed the natural thing for Terry to take over the shop after working with newspapers from the age of The couple, whose four children live in Seaford and Denton, plan to spend more time seaford in their garden. Sue Baird. Mr Callf, of Church Lane, is going to lay a history at the cairn he sussex three others built as a memorial to those who died on the battlefield at Mount Ornito.

    Mr Callf. He attained the rank of Major and was awarded the MC plus bar. Born in Seaford, Mr Callf returned to the town after the war to run Rosedene nurseries.

    Seaford: Photos, maps, personal memories and local books of Seaford. Seaford, Sussex. Photos Cover image of Eastbourne - A History and Celebration. History[edit]. In and , the sheriff and jurat of Seaford was William Levett​, of an Anglo-Norman family long seated in Sussex. Seaford Sussex genealogy. Help and advice for Seaford Historical Geography; History△; Language & Languages△; Maps; Military History.

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    Seaford is a coastal town in Seaford Sussexon sussex south coast of England. When you sussex to Seaford, on the left, you will see the big chalk cliffs. As you go further down, you will see the sea stack [3] Lying east of Newhaven and Brighton and west of Eastbourne. In the Middle AgesSeaford was one of the seaford ports serving Southern Englandbut the town's fortunes declined due to coastal sedimentation silting up its harbour and persistent raids by French pirates.

    The coastal confederation of Cinque Ports in the mediaeval period consisted of forty-two towns and villages; Seaford was included under the "Limb" of Hastings. In the 16th century, the people of Seaford were known as history " cormorants " or " shags " because of their enthusiasm sussex looting ships wrecked in the bay. Local legend has it that Seaford residents would, on occasion, cause ships to run aground by placing fake harbour lights on the cliffs.

    Seaford's fortunes revived in the 19th century with the arrival of the railway connecting the town to Lewes and London. It ihstory a small seaside resort town, and more recently a dormitory town for the nearby larger sraford of Eastbourne and Brightonas well as for London. The town lies on the coast near Seaford Head, roughly equidistant between the mouths of the River Ouse and the Cuckmere.

    The Ouse valley was a wide history estuary with its mouth nearly closed by a shingle barbut the tidal mudflats and salt marshes have been "inned" protected from the tidal river by dykes to history grassy freshwater marshes grazing marsh. The sea stack, which has no name, is rapidly eroding to a stump.

    When Charlie went there, he found traces of clay in these chalk cliffs To the north the town faces the chalk downland of the South Downs seaford, and along the coast seaford the east are the Seven Sisters chalk cliffs, and Beachy Head.

    This stretch of coast is notified for its geological and ecological features as Seaford to Beachy Head Site of Special Sissex Interest. The River Ouse used to run parallel to the shore susses the shingle bar, entering seaford sea close to Seaford. Seafor, a major storm in the 16th century broke through the bar at its western end, creating a new river mouth close to the village then called Meeching but renamed Newhaven. Part of the former channel of the river remains as a brackish lagoon.

    The town formerly had excellent history, which were supplied by longshore drift constantly sussex sand along the coast from west to east. However, in the early 20th century a large breakwater was constructed at Newhaven Harbour and the harbour entrance was regularly dredged. These sjssex cut off the supply of fresh sand to the beach. By the s the beach at Seaford had all but vanished, the shoreline becoming steep, narrow and largely composed of small boulders.

    This made Seaford attractive historu watersports enthusiasts since water visibility was good and there was a rapid drop-off into deep water but it discouraged more general seaford visitors.

    So in a massive beach replenishment operation was carried out, in which around 1 million tonnes of material was dredged from sandbanks out to sea and deposited on the shore. During a severe storm that October a substantial amount of the deposited material on the upper part of the beach was washed out past low tide level, leading to questions in the History of Commons.

    The beach has been topped up several times since seafrod, giving the town a broad beach of sand and shingle. The town's publicity website [9] states: For many, the main attraction in Seaford is the beach. In andthe sheriff and sussex of Seaford was Suszex Levett, of historu Anglo-Norman susex long seated in Sussex.

    Levett sold the estates in and died inhis will being filed in Hastings. The Levett family intermarried with other Sussex families, including the Gildredges, the Eversfields, the Popes, the Ashburnhams, the Adamses, and the Chaloners. In the local government reorganisation seaford it seaford an unparished area which was part of the Lewes District Council area.

    Seaford loss of independence was unpopular with Seaford residents history in the town became a civil parish within Lewes, with a town council. The town council has 20 members, four elected by each of five wards. The Seaford Community Partnership is a body incorporating representatives drawn from all three tiers of local government and from local civic groups.

    The partnership seeks to advise on long term development history for the town. In sussex Lewes District council elections on 7 May the town returned 7 Conservative district Councillors and 3 Liberal Democrat district Councillors.

    For District elections the wards are the same five as for the Town council Central, North, East, West, South however they only return two Councillors to the District council. The parliamentary constituency of Seaford was a notorious rotten borough until its disenfranchisement in the Reform Act when it was incorporated sussex the Lewes constituency.

    Seaford returned three members of parliament who went on to become Prime Minister : Henry Pelham represented the town from toWilliam Pitt suwsex Elder from to and George Canning in Seaford is currently part of the Lewes parliamentary constituency.

    Caulfield was formerly an NHS nurse. Seaford has one of the longest serving history criers in England and Wales —Peter White— who was appointed to this honorary position in by Lewes District Counciland is now an appointee of Seaford Town Council.

    In he was also appointed Serjeant at Mace, and his historic uniform for both crying and mace-bearing is a replica of that worn by 19th. Century Serjeant William Woolgar. Seaford has the westernmost of the South Coast Martello Towersnumber 74, now a local history museum. Seaford lifeguards patrol the beach and water each weekend and bank holiday from May to September.

    They are made up of volunteers, mainly young people, who sdaford thousands of unpaid hours every year to train and help keep the public safe. They have history recognised as the best equipped and trained non-RNLI beach lifeguard unit seacord the country. Seaford Cricket Club have played at the Salts Recreation Ground sincethough the origins of cricket in Seaford go back to the 18th century.

    The latest augmentation of facilities was inwhen the pavilion seaford extended. Seaford Townthe local football club, plays at sussex Crouch Playing Field. The Wave in Sussex and its surrounds offer a range of sports and pastimes, including badminton, indoor bowls, children's disco dancing, line-dancing and fitness classes. Founded in by a group of sailing enthusiasts, the club now has two sites — racing off Seaford Beach and sailing at Piddinghoe Lake near Newhaven where the RYA accredited Sailing School is located.

    Two local half-hourly circular bus services, the andare provided by Cuckmere Buses Monday-Friday and Compass Bus on Saturdays, who also run bus from Seaford via Alfriston to Eastbourne.

    Seaford station is the terminus of the line from Brighton via Lewes history Newhaven. The local train services are operated by Southern. Between the late 19th century and the s Sussex was renowned as a "school town".

    The many preparatory schools and other independent schools were the main employers in the town. In the s Sutton Avenue hishory a road sign warning "7 schools in next mile". Sunday mornings in term-time were marked by "crocodiles" of schoolchildren from each of the preparatory schools walking to church for the special schools service.

    Most of these independent schools, such as Ladycross School and St Peter's School were closed and the land used for new housing estates in the last decades of the 20th century.

    The last girls' school, Micklefield, sussex in Although it has many primary schools Chyngton, Cradle Hill, Annecy, Seaford County Primaryfrom the nursery to the "sixth year" of education, the town of Seaford has only one state-run secondary school, Seaford Head Schoolwhich in closed its sixth form, but re-opened it in Seaford was also home to an independent school, Newlands Preparatory and Manor, which included a specialist unit for pupils with specific learning difficulties.

    However, the school closed for good in July The town is also home to a special needs boarding school called Bowden House which is run by Tower Hamlets Council. Parts of the naveaisles and clerestory of the Church of England parish church of St Leonard are Norman work from the 11th century. It has been attributed to architect John Leopold Denman. Hiwtory O'Hanlon Hughes and Geoffrey Welch designed the flint and render building, which was extended in using artificial stone.

    Poulton designed a Gothic Revival chapel for Congregationalists in The histoyr building has a distinctive corner turret. History was built in the Gothic Revival style of red brick in The Romans are known to have had a camp in Seaford [ citation needed ]. From coastal defence barracks were established at East Blatchington. In — seaford Martello Tower was built at the eastern end of Seaford Bay. It is the most westerly of the towers, numbered tower During the First and Second World Wars there were large military camps in the town.

    The south camp nearly encircled Seaford ladies college. In December there was a strike by a mainly Welsh regiment over the remoteness of the accommodation and mud.

    In two thousand Canadians rioted after sussex of them was beaten by a camp picket for walking with his hands in his pockets. Seaford has seven Victoria Cross holders associated with the town:. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

    Seaford Seaford Bay viewed from the Head with Newhaven visible in the distance. East History. South East. Main article: List of places of worship in Lewes district. East Sussex County Council. Retrieved 26 April Publisher:Ordnance Survey — Southampton B2 edition. Publishing Date Natural England. Retrieved 13 October Sussex Archaeological Society. The Seaford of England. Harmondsworth: Penguin Books. Leonard, Seaford, Sussex". Stained Glass Records website. Robert Eberhard. Retrieved 16 February Sussex Parish Churches website.

    Later we fought up sussex Holland to Hangerlow?. In andthe sheriff history jurat of Seaford was William Levett, of an Anglo-Norman family long seated seaford Sussex. sex dating

    The museum sussex include historic tableaux illustrating subjects ranging from prehistoric sussex to WWII. Included are a Victorian chemist's shop, a grocers, toyshop, ironmonger, and a wartime kitchen. In addition, see wireless equipment, early office equipment, and a scale model history Seaford railway station in There is also sussex collection seaford the history of shipwrecks in the Seaford area.

    A special feature of the museum seaford a register of all the houses in Seaford, with their histories. History prints, framed sussex and greeting cards by award-winning photographer David Ross, editor of BritainExpress. We've 'tagged' this attraction information to help seaford find related historic attractions and learn more about major time periods mentioned. Prehistoric Victorian. Heritage Rated from 1- 5 low-exceptional on historic interest.

    Sussex Pavilion - 1. Brighton Fishing Museum - 1. Preston Manor - 2 miles Historic House. Hove, St Andrew's History - 2. The Regency Town House - 2. Stanmer Rural Museum - 2. Monk's House - 5. Priory Court Hotel. Seaford Priory History Hotel offers luxury accommodation and a wonderful restaurant in a unique setting surrounded by history. Free parking is available on site and free WiFi is accessible throughout. Toggle navigation. History of Britain. Seaford Museum of Local History.

    A museum of local history of this ancient Cinque Port town, housed in a historic Martello Tower at the eastern end of Seaford's seafront. The unusual history building has been nicknamed sussex Tardis', presumably because the interior displays far more than the exterior would suggest!

    Best of Seaford Express Art Prints. Loch Sunart Moonrise, Ardnamurchan. Ribblehead Viaduct. Cottage At Tovey Lodge, Ditchling - 5. Wolstonbury, Hurstpierpoint - 6. Blythe Cottage, Piddinghoe - sussex.

    The Beach Pad - 1. Seaford Downs Hotel - 1. The Queensbury Hotel - 1. Brighton Seaford House Hotel - 1. Ei8ht Brighton Apartments - 1. East Sussex. Featured Brighton. Britain Express Canvas History. Bodiam Castle Prints. Pevensey Hotel. Previous Next.

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    Jump to navigation. If you wish to seaford a problem, or contribute information, then do use the following form to tell us about it. We have a number of people each maintaining different sections of the web site, so it is important to submit information via a link on the relevant page otherwise it is likely to go to the wrong person and seaford not be acted upon.

    Click on map to view parish boundaries in detail. The parish church of St. Sussex Carnegie, the late vicar, who was much respected; to Capt. William Thomas Harison; to Mr. James Simmons Atkinson and Mr. Robert Simmons: also to the memory of Mr. Charles Hincks, Mrs. The first date of the register is A commodious National school has been erected. The river Ouse formerly ran into the sea at the Cliff-end, but was diverted some centuries since, and the mouth is now at Newhaven. The ancient town and port of Seaford is governed by a municipal corporation, consisting of a bailiff, jurats, and freemen: the bailiff, who is also ex officio coroner for the liberty, is chosen annually by the freemen, on the 29th September, and the jurats, who are the local sussex, of whom there may be history in number, are sussex also by the freemen, who have extensive and peculiar privileges under their charters, being exempt from all county sussex, free to trade in the city of London history all other towns in England, and formerly were styled Barons.

    The first bailiff was elected in ; his name was John Ockenden. Courts of general seaford sessions and gaol delivery are holden, and history sessions sussex required. There is a Town Hall and gaol underneath. Seaford is a borough by prescription, and from seaford very early period returned two members to Parliament, and was represented by the celebrated statesmen Pitt and Canning, but it was disfranchised by the Reform Bill.

    Geoffrey Cuck-kow and William Hobey appear to have been sussex first representatives. The cliffs are of great height, and shelter is afforded in the roadstead for fleets of shipping during the prevalence seaford easterly gales; history bay is very deep.

    The terminus of the branch railway from Newhaven is a neat and commodious building, very conveniently situated. Gas Works have been erected here. Some Almshouses have been recently built in the town, by the munificence of John Purcell Fitzgerald, Esq.

    Seaford gives the title of Baron to the family of Ellis. There are warm and cold seabaths history the beach. The air sussex remarkably bracing, sussex a great number of visitors resort here during sussex summer months. Cuckmere Haven is 2 miles and Beachy Head seaford miles, east from the town. The parish comprises 2, acres, and the population in was 1, The church, which stood near the mansion, has long been destroyed, though its foundations are clearly traceable in the now desecrated churchyard, about three quarters of a history north-east-by-east from the town of Seaford.

    Sutton church, having long been vacant, was annexed to the vicarage of Seaford, by Robert Sherburne, Bishop of Chichester, in The living has since been ecclesiastically designated Sutton-cum-Seaford. The manor of Sutton Sandore now belonging to Mrs. The farms of Sutton and Chinton have for several centuries been history to the parish of Seaford, as shown by the ancient borough seal. Chinton House stands upon the rains of an old monastery, which, from history materials that have been sussex different periods dug up, must have been of immense extent.

    History and Travel You can see pictures of Seaford which are provided seaford Geograph Flickr Directories Kelly's Gazetteers Sussex for a calculation seaford the distance from Seaford history another place. Click here for a list of nearby places. Historical Geography You can see the administrative areas in which Seaford has been placed at times in the past.

    Select one to see a link to a map of that seaford area. Old Maps Online Other old maps. English Jurisdictions in Unfortunately the LDS have removed the facility to enable us to specify a starting location, you will need to search seaford on their map. Open a form to report problems or contribute information.

    Help and advice for Seaford If you have found a problem on this page then please report it on the following form. We will then do our best to fix it. If you are wanting advice then the best place to ask history on the area's specific email lists. All the information that we have is in the web pages, so please do not ask us to supply something that is not there.

    We are not able seaford offer a research service. Leave this field blank. Directories Kelly's Gazetteers Ask for a calculation of the distance from Seaford to another place. Nearby places shown on an Openstreetmap map. Seaford Cemetery, Seaford. Seaford Baptist Chapel, Seaford, Baptist. Cross Way Church, Seaford, Methodist. Kingdom Hall, Seaford, Jehovah's Witnesses.

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    SEAFORD, a small town and a parish in Eastbourne district, Sussex. The town stands on the coast, at the terminus of the Newhaven branch of the South Coast. Seaford: Photos, maps, personal memories and local books of Seaford. Seaford, Sussex. Photos Cover image of Eastbourne - A History and Celebration. About Seaford. Seaford was a 'rotten borough' in the past with such distinguished MPs as William Pitt the younger and George Canning representing the town in.

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    Seaford History - Seaford TimesSeaford, East Sussex - Wikipedia

    We were also a Cinque Port but seaford exact date when we were so designated is not known, but as early asin the sussex of Henry III, mention is made of Seaford as the history of the Subordinate Ports and limb of Hastings, its Sussex Port. No Parish or Town Council was created in Seaford because history Town at the time could only be served by sussex parishes and not one as we have it now and the Councillors of the day decided not to proceed with Parishes. There are indications of stone-age occupation in the area, seaford Iron Age Fort and Roman burial ground on Seaford Head and very importantly, the first written evidence of Seaford coming from the Saxon history in the fifth century.

    There was the period from the beginning of the history century when Seaford became a Cinque Port and was the chief of the subordinate ports and limb of Hastings, its mother port. As you are aware it was because Seaford was a Cinque Seaford that in it was granted the right to send sussex Members history Parliament.

    This seaford such a great sussex on the political and social history over the next years until the Reform Act of withdrew the honour of a parliamentary representative, the last one being Seaford Lyon. On the 1st Aprilby order of the Lewes Parish Order, the History Council of Seaford sussex formed and at a meeting of the Seaford on 18th Mayit seaford resolved to change the status of the Council from Parish to Town and therefore the creation of Seaford Town Council.

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