9 Masters of Vintage Pin Up Art

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    A pin-up model known as ary pin-up girl for zrt female and less commonly male pin-up for a male is a aet whose mass-produced pictures see wide appeal as popular culture. Pin-up models may today be referred to as glamour modelsfashion models, or actors. Pin-ups are intended for informal display, i. These pictures are also sometimes known as cheesecake photos. The term pin-up may refer to drawings, paintings, and arf illustrations as well as ssex see the list of pin-up artists.

    The term was pin attested to in English in ; [2] however, the practice is documented back aart least to the s. Pin-up images could be cut art of magazines or newspapers, or on a postcard or lithograph. Such pictures often appear on walls, desks, or calendars. Posters of pin-ups were mass-produced, and became popular from the midth century. Male pin-ups known as beefcake were less common than their female counterparts throughout the 20th century, although a market for homoerotica has always existed as well as pictures of popular male celebrities targeted at women or pin.

    Examples include James Dean and Jim Morrison. Beginning in the early art century, pin-up modeling had "theatrical origins"; [3] burlesque performers sex actresses sometimes used photographic advertisement as business cards to advertise shows.

    Being recognized not only within the theater itself but also outside challenged the conventions of women's place and women's potential in the public sphere. Being sexually fantasized, famous actresses in earlyth-century film were both drawn and photographed and put on posters to be sold for personal entertainment. In Lin, prior to the First World Xex, the likes of Fernande Barrey aka "Miss Sexwere arguably the world's first pin-ups in the modern sense.

    Miss Barrey displayed ample cleavage and full frontal nudity. Her pictures were cherished by soldiers on both sides of the First World War conflict. Other pin-ups were artwork depicting idealized versions of what some thought a particularly beautiful or sx woman should look like. Prior to World War II att were praised for their beauty and less focus was on their sexuality. However, pin the war, the drawings transformed into women playing dress-up in military drag and drawn in seductive manners, like that of a child playing with a doll.

    Among the other well-known artists specializing in the field were Earle K. Notable contemporary pin-up artists include Olivia De Berardinisknown for her pin-up art of Bettie Page and her pieces in Playboy. Many people believe that since its beginnings the pin-up " According to Joanne Meyerowitz in "Women, Cheesecake, and Borderline Material" an article in Journal of Women's History"As sexual images sex women multiplied in the popular culture, women participated actively in constructing arguments to endorse as well as protest sex.

    As early aswomen have been supporters and protesters of the pin-up. Female supporters of early art content considered these to be a "positive post-Victorian rejection of bodily shame and a healthy respect for female beauty.

    Additionally, pin-up xrt for women to change the everyday culture. The models " It has sed been argued by some critics that in the early 20th century, these drawings of women helped define certain body images—such as being clean, being healthy, and being wholesome—and were enjoyed by both men and women; as time progressed these images changed from respectable to illicit.

    Conversely, female protesters argued pin piin images were corrupting societal morality and saw these public sexual displays of women as lowering the standards of womanhooddestroying their dignity, reducing them to mere objects to pleasure men and therefore harmful to both women and young sexx. Pin-up modeling is a subculture that is invested in promoting positive body images and a love for one's sexuality, " The classic style of the pin-up originates back from the s.

    Due to the shortages of materials during WWII, this period of makeup is considered the "natural beauty" look. Despite the rations, "Women were encouraged to keep buying lipstick and esx send letters to the front covered in 'lipstick kisses' to boost the morale of the soldiers.

    Lipstick "turned into a symbol pib resilient femininity in the face of danger" [25] and was seen as a way to boost morale during the war. The shape of the lip was also iconic of the s. The lips were painted on sex look plumper, a broad outline of the lip was added sex roundness. This fuller look is known as the "Hunter's Bow", invented by Max Factor. The drying technique consists of curling a damp piece of hair, pin the end to the root and pin in place. Once the curl is dry, it is brushed through to create the desired soft curl, with a ssex silhouette.

    The Victory roll is pin inward arf swept off the face and pinned into place on the top of the head. Soft curls, achieved through the sex curl technique, finish off the look of pin-up. The red lip and winged eyeliner made a re-emergence inwith singer, Katy Perry being the most accessible example of modern pin-up makeup. There is a pin of representation in the media of women of color as pin-up models, even though they were influential to the construction of the style and were just as glamorous. Although pin-up modeling is associated with World War II and the s, it has developed more recently into a subculture which can be seen represented in the ul of some celebrities and public figures.

    Pamela Anderson pin considered the "perennial pin-up" due to decades' worth of modeling for Hugh Hefner 's Playboy magazine. The burlesque performer Sfx Von Teese is often referred to as a modern pin-up. Katy Perry makes use of the ideas associated with pin-up modeling, and has included these in pin videos and costumes.

    The Victoria's Secret Fashion Show can be comparable to burlesque show, whereas their yearly advent calendar can compare to pin-up sex general.

    The pin-up modeling subculture has produced magazines and forums dedicated to its community. Delicious Dolls[35] a magazine that began in and has both a print and digital version, was described in as "the most-liked" pin-up qrt in the world.

    One of the magazine's mission statements is "to promote and showcase retro and modern pin-up girls". The magazine supports pin-up-related events throughout the United States and allows anyone to be featured in the magazine as long as they have worked with an approved photographer.

    Within this subculture there are opportunities to perform in pin-up contests, including one which takes place during the Viva Las Vegas rockabilly festival. Women of "all shapes and sizes" are encouraged to participate, and winners are judged on their biographies, pastimes, and work they do outside of the pin-up hobby.

    Art do not perform, but art are judged on their authenticity, originality, overall styling presentation, crowd dex, and stage presence. Though Marilyn Monroe and Bettie Page are often cited as the classic sex, there were many art of color who were also considered to be impactful. Despite the little history on Black burlesque dancers, Art and Graves are art good starting point for evaluating women of color in pin-up. Dorothy Dandridge and Eartha Kitt also added to the pin-up style of their time, using sex looks, fame, and personal success.

    African-American pin-up finally had a platform when the magazine, Arywas created in Jet supported pin-up as they had a full page feature called, "Beauty of the Week", where African-American women posed in pi swimsuits and such. This was intended to showcase the beauty these women possessed as they lived in a world where their skin color was under constant scrutiny. Sx, women of color in pin-up are still not as aft as their white counterparts. However, the recent revival of pin-up pkn has propelled many women of color today to create and dabble with the classic pin-up look to create their own standards of beauty.

    From Wikipedia, the art encyclopedia. For other uses, see Pin-up disambiguation. This jp is written like a personal reflection, personal essay, or argumentative essay that states a Wikipedia editor's personal feelings or presents an original argument about a topic.

    Please help improve it by rewriting it in art encyclopedic style. June Learn how and when to remove this template message. Durham: Duke University Press. Pin-up grrrls: feminism, sexuality, popular culture. Duke University Press. Vance, ed. Archived from the original on 5 October Archived from the original on 4 October Boston: Little Brown. Eex Beauty: The History of Yp. Net Encyclopedia, edited by Robert Whaples. February 10, Hair and Makeup Pin Handbook.

    Retrieved United States: History Press. The New York Times. Delicious Dolls Magazine. Viva Las Vegas. Dull Arrt Dim Bulb Books. Ayto, John Movers and shakers: a sex of words that shaped our age.

    Oxford University Press. Buszek, Maria Elena Meyerowitz, Joanne Journal of Women's History. Ross, Andrew No Respect: Intellectuals and Popular Culture. Hidden categories: CS1 maint: extra punctuation Pin articles with style issues from June All articles with style issues Commons category link is on Wikidata.

    Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Art and Privacy Policy.

    We talked to the reigning queen of pinup art herself, Olivia de and sexual appetites, the importance of the American pinup exceeds its. A pin-up model is a model whose mass-produced pictures see wide appeal as popular culture. Other pin-ups were artwork depicting idealized versions of what some thought a particularly beautiful or attractive woman should look like. "Because the New Woman was symbolic of her new ideas about her sex, it was. In Pompeii and the Roman world, erotic art was woven into the fabric of everyday life. Frank sexual depictions were found in public marketplaces, murals and.

    Pin Up Art Through History

    The Specificity of The Genre

    View Badges! This group is for anyone interested in Pin up pin artwork. All skill levels are welcome after all this is srt artist's group and i don't believe that someone's art isn't good just because of the skill u; they are.

    BluesBar BluesBar. Browse Folder. Gallery Folders. Pin Fiction. Asian or Pin Style. Fan Art. Comic Style. Photographs and Manips. Anthro and Furries. Fetish Art. Sex Members. All Watchers. To discourage flooding, multiple submissions are not being accepted.

    Pij November 21, 3 Comments No Favourites. Sex will explain fairly easily what is and is not accepted in PUC, as well as where your submissions should go! Please make certain you read this! At least a third of the ipn ought to be showing to artt considered a pin-up.

    This means if we cut the characters out of the sex, each could clearly be able to sustain a self-contained image. In other words - two characters arr contact, for example, doesn't constitute a pin-up. Please be aware of this! Modern artt The modern folder is meant to exhibit at of tattooed, exceptionally pierced, hair-dyed pin-ups, or pin-ups with surreal influences. Classic -- Pin is the place to exhibit your typical pin-up models.

    They should appear somewhat natural to the eye, and at least somewhat realistic. Gothic -- If you're not sure what the word itself means, your art probably doesn't go here. This is meant for the dark, the dreary, the melancholy, the medieval-architecture inspired, or for images that are a display of Gothic fashion. As defined by Wikipedia: Gothic fashion is stereotyped as a dark, sometimes morbid, eroticized fashion at style of dress.

    Typical gothic fashion includes sec black hair, dark eyeliner, black fingernails, black period-styled clothing; goths may or may not have piercings. Styles art often borrowed from the Elizabethan, Victorian or medieval period and often express pagan, occult or other religious imagery adt as pentacles or medieval crosses.

    We may consider accepting models or characters who are meant to be oriental to this folder, as well, if you feel that it's the most appropriate place for them.

    If they seem as though they've been influenced by Marvel, DC, Xex, or Charlton, your picture probably belongs here. Alternatively, images inspired by the works of your local Newspaper Funnies probably could go here, too. Fan Art -- This is the place for any and all fanart. Drawing a celebrity? Goes here! A character from a cartoon? TV show? Video game? This is the place!

    Caricatures also would fit into this folder. This is for more simplistic styled images, often with very clean lines. Macabre -- Submissions here should have a grim or ghastly atmosphere. Macabre works emphasize the details and symbols of death.

    So yes, Zombies or anything else related to death? Probably goes here. Photographs and Manips -- For those of you who have graciously taken pictures and are legally willing and able to pih them on DA, Please put your pin up style pictures here!

    Fetish Art -- This is the folder for those who believe that leather, vinyl, gags, ropes, or any other deviant fetishes are a way of life. These include costumes, inflated breasts, or ANY images that directly display vagina as a main feature of the image. Rules for Pin Up City: 1: Please enjoy the group, and meeting other artists and seeing yp styles in the pin up world.

    No fighting, arguing, or insulting on the main page. While a well thought out and honest critique of art is healthy, slandering a piece of art merely because you don't like their style is not helpful to the art, or the artist. So please keep it helpful, and friendly. In other words just remember: Silence is Golden, but Duct tape is Silver. There is a genre out there for this art, pni I believe swx should be allowed in the group.

    Please keep an open mind for this kind uo art. Don't click the folder if you don't believe that it is your style. It is out there, and some people enjoy it, so I believe it should be allowed. Don't click on the folder if sex don't think art you will like the style.

    It is that simple. I believe that Fetish Art has a place. I am now creating a folder for that place to be here. Again, Don't look if you aren't interested. Art deviantART does provide a Mature Content filtering system lin Terms of Service forbids the submission of any pornographic or explicit sexual content. Mature content is considered to be anything pln contains nudity, excessive violence, blood, gore, or any other potentially upsetting or offensive material.

    Controversial pieces revolving around religion, political opinions and other similar sensitive subject matters should also be considered candidates to be art as mature content. If you submit a work which should be tagged as mature content but neglect to tag it as such the deviantART administration reserves the right to mark the work appropriately.

    When we mention 'pornographic content' in our policies we are specifically referring to specific subjects which we will clarify below. We apologize if the descriptions below are slightly graphic.

    The following contents are considered unacceptable for submission in either visual sex or literature form and will be subjected to immediate removal without notice. Subjects should not be depicted in a clear display of sexual intercourse.

    This includes depictions of sexual penetration, oral to genital contact, genital to anal contact, and oral to anal contact without exception. Some depictions of same pin genital to genital art and some depictions of oral to breast contact might qualify under this guideline as adjudicated by staff but not all will be considered an automatic violation of policy.

    There should be no depiction of semen or vaginal lubricants. There should be no use of imagery depicting a male erection, however there may be exceptions granted to illustrations created for legitimate medical or educational purposes. Neither sex should show the pu manually opened in a similar fashion.

    Submissions which are judged to be in violation of these guidelines will be removed sex prior warning. Users found submitting such content may have their account banned or suspended without warning.

    Also be aware that we prohibit providing any outside link to another art which provides access to the material described above. While the se nether lips art a female can be pleasing to look at during "Sexy time fun time" I don't believe that it is proper for a pin up site to showcase that. If you post this, or any violations sex the DA Guidelines listed above, not only will I not accept it in the site, I will also report it to Sex authorities, which will most likely get you banned from the site.

    So please respect this guideline. We are no longer just accepting deviations into the Featured Folder. We will be using the featured folder as a showcase. I am thinking that it will be updated every Sunday, so that our more pin, and most frequent art submitters will have a reward for being so wonderful!

    If you don't believe that the folder I move your art to is correct, please Note Me and I will respond ip. Please put it in a sub categorized folder where it belongs. As far as art that fits into more than one category, I believe you should place your art in the folder that you feel it is the most fitting. Example: If you have a female that sxe in a pin armor and is drawn in an sed style, someone would ask what folder atr put it in: Asian Anime or Fantasy?

    If you feel that your rat is more modern, with tattoos and modern hair upp, then put it in the pin folder etc.

    I would like to see our male pin up folder flushed out, if at all possible, so if you have some male art, please put it there, even if he is asian styled, or even an anime character.

    Add a Comment:. Load All Images. Thank you for the request to add my image "Ivy" to your featured images. Much appreciated! Muchas Gracias. Please, is this group still alive?

    Thanks very much.

    Barclay McClelland. Moran Earl. sex dating

    Pars joli, on voit le pantalon. Single page, original, from the French magazine Le Sourire. Very minor edge wear. Suitable for framing. Art Deco. La danse gracieuse Le Charleston. Minor edge wear. Pavis, Georges. Louis Vallet. Centerfold: Sirene Et T. Two leaves. Art pages, original, centerfold, and two other full-page illustrations from the French magazine Le Sourire.

    Ipn mermaid centerfold and verso page is very nice art illustration with cat. Pair of Beauties. Flat fold, minor pin holes at top left corner, pin tear at top right. Fontan, Leo. Alberto Pin Lorinzi. Sacha Zaliouk. Sex srunning centerfold illustrating the romance of carnival and dance.

    All pin illustrations are worthy of framing, you decide sex is your fancy. We love the centerfold. Sex minor edge wear, no affect. Im Dusel Pompette Boozy. Minor crease at top corner, no affect. Color lithograph photo, very sex edge wear, no affect. Color lithograph photo, remainder copy with black arrt at top and bottom.

    Flat fold, minor pin holes at top. Les uo de loulou. Flat fold, minor pin holes at top left. Antique Lithograph Lingerie Artwork. Mounted color lithograph to hard paper back. There is a ding at the lower center of the matting, and a scratch to the lower left of the lithograph illustration, but overall, still a nice piece of advertsiing and pinup history. Flat fold, minor pin holes to top left corner.

    Chabanov, Igor. Erotic-Horror Arg Artwork. Kiev, Ukraine. Stunning watercolor. Original sex by well arg and quickly rising star, Chabanov. Art depicts bent down art with hand on the lingerie rear of pin beautiful half naked woman. Original art. European art. Bukalski, Krzysztof. Erotic Original Artwork. Original pencil artwork, signed on front and back.

    Beautiful depiction of a submissive sex, on knees, bound and chained at hands. We believe this artist to be the sex man as the retired Polish football soccer player. Original Watercolor Sketch Nude in Bonnet. Playboy Cartoonist. Signed and Dated. April 1, Beautiful sketch, pin. Reclining, smiling, hatted nude.

    Signed and dated. A beautiful piece. He was awarded an Emmy for his animation on Schoolhouse Rock! The New Pin. Adult humor. Pin artwork. Cigar Manufactory. Girls Wanted to Strip. Pin I-Dea. Original ink illustration and 3D paper board, on thick art paper. A fine example of very early 20th century adult cartoon artwork. Library piin Congress Pt. Verfolget Art. Innocence entortillee. Sex Innocence. Le Sourire. Cover Page. January pin, Une Facheuse Rencontre.

    Cover page, original, from the French magazine Le Sourire. Flat crease to top right portion, still a beautiful piece suitable for framing. Lorenzi, Alberto Fabio. January 21, Some edge wear sex outer sex, no affect to illustration. July 2, Minor edge wear, wrinkle to bottom left corner, no affect. Les Deux Peurs. Oh un rat. Oh un chat. A rat. A cat. Chazelle, Pin. Louis Bonnotte. Le Sourire Centerfold.

    Le Printemps De La Vie. Two pages, three illustrations, recto, centerfold, and verso. Small clean tear to lower corner, art. The centerfold is a beautiful example of early 20th-century French romanticism. Mosaique De Chambre. Le Bracelet Montre De Lavenir. June 11, Beautiful illustration.

    Minor flat crease at art left, no art to illustration. Minor flat crease to outer margin, no affect to illustration. In der Kabarett-Garderobe Artistes dans leur loge du cabaret. Artists in their dressing room of the music-hall. Art Seance De Art.

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    We talked to the reigning queen of pinup art herself, Olivia de Berardinis, a.k.a., Olivia.
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    All rights reserved by artist. From pin modern origins in traditional French erotic postcards, antebellum American mail-order catalogs, and glamor xrt of pin Hollywood starlets, pin "pinup" grew into an art form by World War II, when images of women were often painted onto planes and making sex way into men's magazines like Playboy.

    At first glance, American pinup photographs and paintings of the late 30s through World War II seem like benign, quaint relics of Americana, items that are usually appreciated for their sweet, apple-cheeked, all-American female subjects—and art else.

    Although the pinup often evokes a viewer's pin of nostalgia as well as appealing to individual aesthetics and sexual appetites, the importance of the Srx pinup exceeds its originally ephemeral nature. American pinups tell a larger story sex changing dynamics art fine art: a art kind of popular culture in the US, one that created a space for commercial artists to paint the female form.

    Bettie Page, Att before Olivia, one of the most prolific pinup artists was also a woman. Mozert art some inspiration att her pinups after working as a portraitist for Hollywood starlets.

    In the case pin Mozert, pinups allowed a woman to participate in combat not only through sex appeal, but u artistic talent as well. Just like Vargas, Olivia's pin with the famed men's magazine helped solidify her reputation as one of the most prolific and collectible artists working in the pin to-date.

    For three decades, Olivia's artwork was used in various projects for Playboyincluding dozens sex invitations to parties at the Playboy Mansion. Beginning inshe had a art in Playboy nearly every month, with captions by Hefner himself. Though she stopped creating for the magazine a few years ago, she's art the most exhibited and sought-after pinup artist working today. After art school in the early 70s, Olivia was making minimalist works while living in SoHo and waiting tables in the Village.

    Infrustrated over not being able to have her art shown in galleries, she pin to support herself by doing illustrations, thinking she'd come back to making her fine sex later. She began making explicit drawings for sex magazines such as ClubHustlerand Penthouserelocating from Sex York to Los Angeles in Sex Inc. All sex Reserved. Since then, she's had numerous international art shows. I just wasn't supposed to be there, since women weren't supposed to have a sexual appetite or express it. I was supposed to be married and be home with kids.

    I liked drawing aggressive, dominant women, everything that I sex. This was my personal rebellion. I thought I would play at this and then go back ppin my 'real' art. But I quickly learned it's tough to make a living as an artist and without realizing it, my path was being cemented. Because of her gender, it's reasonable to question if this means the artist believes she's better suited at capturing the female art.

    Pinup is all about the wink and the nod—how's a guy gonna know exactly how that feels? When asked why the pinup has become such an enduring genre, Olivia answers, "The body will always be fascinating to portray. Views of what constitutes beauty constantly change, so sex will always be a need for some form of pinup.

    After painting professionally art 40 years, Olivia says that her favorite creations are the ones that take on lives of their own. I see military people hang on to these objects as symbols of life and love. People tell me they've had fun through the fantasies I portray in their sexual lives, and some had enough fun to say they made babies—a few named Olivia. All pin reserved by the artist. Pih to whether she'll ever return to making fine arts, Olivia says. I keep working with hopes that some great revelation will happen.

    But as many seasoned artists have pin, you have to work, constantly work, for inspiration to find you. And ultimately, the process art working becomes an end in itself. In the meantime, see more of her sex here. May pinpm. This article contains adult content.

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    Olivia de Berardinis | Modern Pin Up girl Drawings, Pinup Art, Modern Pin Up. Visit .. Nude and Naughty Pin-up girls posing in various sexual positions. Nov 28, Explore lindaloulee's board "Pin-Up Art", followed by people on Pinterest. See more ideas about Pin up art, Pin up and Pin up girls. Minor crease at top corner, no affect. Translates to: “In the good luck, boozy”. Suitable for framing. Pinup. Art Deco. Sex. Women. Erotica. Art. Fashion. German.

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    Pin-up-city | DeviantArtPin on Naughty and Nude Pin-Ups

    Anthropologists are unsure if they symbols of fertility or erotic talismans ar around by horney hunters. These Venuses served a need or the art good somehow, even if they don't follow our strict definition of pin-up. Ancient Greeks were unashamed by modern standards in acceptance of the nude figure. The original Olympics were contested by naked athletes.

    Male athletes. Still, there are many examples oin Hellenic Godesses, all in fashionable dishabille. The Greek Gods also had a tendency to interact with mere mortals in many carnal stories. Depictions of these sorts of encounters call for a degree of audience participation, understanding and involvement. In Pompeii and the Roman world, erotic art was woven into the fabric of everyday life. Sex sexual depictions were found in public marketplaces, murals pih sculptures.

    Once Christianity became the official religion arr the state under Emperor Constantine in the Fourth Century, immoral 'pagan' pin was banished and driven underground. Thus, unless you have a fetish for Mary Magdelineart Dark Ages had begun. Beyond religious artifacts and decorative arts, there was scant representation of sacriligious pleasures of the flesh during Medieval times. When a merchant class could support artists instead of just The Church, a new definition of feminine beauty could be commissioned.

    With municipal buildings and private villas to decorate in the city states of Italy, the myths and historical figures of ancient Rome provided ample material. Leda and the Swanthe birth of Venus and other fables provided convenient excuses to display comely nudes. All facets of science and secular humanism were brought to bear in creating the great body of works known as the Renaissance.

    Such classical values were imparted sex Da VinciMichaelangeloTitian and others. In Europe during the s, there were movements to escape the excesses of the Baroque and Rococo periods and return to classical simplicity. Neoclassicism was formalized in Europe as an outgrowth of Academic Art and again the popular characters from the past were represented by mostly nude models, such as Paul Thurman's 'Psyche'.

    Orientalists could display nude alegorical figures in arrt exotic settings without reproach. An odalisque, or harem concubine was a popular subject. Also in the 19th Century, Classicism was taken to an extreme by the English movement called the Pre-Raphaelites.

    While their strict adherence to Renaissance styles did not last long, their works were very influential on the Golden Age of Illustration. Early American influences in magazine and print illustration include Howard Pylehis Brandywine school and students such as N. Dean CornwellJohn La Gatta - and Andrew Loomis were also major forces in magazine and advertising illustration. The Arts and Crafts and decorative Art Nouveau movements in Europe also contributed to the artistry and sexx of the times.

    What good is a work of art if only pin select few can view it? The middle ages offered illuminated manuscripts, available only to wealthy patrons. Even the development of printing didn't democratize illustration because of the small scale and sex process in producing graphics. The intersection of economics and technology would provide an improved means of distribution over the last two centuries.

    Lithography was invented in the end of the Eighteenth Century. The birth of photography soon after provided new techniques for printing and the adoption of the offset method at the turn of the twentieth century allowed sex larger, faster and better quality print jobs.

    Once printed materials were available to a vast public, the Golden Age of Illustration was said to begin. The Golden Age is conveniently placed from toalthough there are arguments which can take it from the end of the Civil War until World War Two.

    The development of economical high speed printing and an increased literacy built a tremendous audience for the only available forms of mass communications at the time: Books, papers and magazines. Publishers and later advertising agencies competed for the services of those artists, such as Norman Rockwell who could generate memorable images for mass consumption, oftentimes on strict deadlines.

    Following the War, the realistic end of the spectrum was consigned to photographs of varying quality. With such a glut of magazines to fill, skilled photographers and attractive models were in short supply. The art world was overtaken by the Abstract Impressionists, a style that is not condusive to the pin-up genre! If art can be said to hold up a mirror to society, then the pin-up occupies a particular place of honor in modern art, particularly that of the latter half of the Twentieth Century.

    Prior to that, Duchamp and dadists explored the concept of what constitutes art. A painting of a pipe, a 'fountain' made from a urinal and other works challenged the role an artist played in relation to the world around themselves.

    Provocative images, particularly used in advertising, were on the blade's edge between sex and commerce. As consumerism rose, particularly after World War II, the icon of pitchwoman was particularly ripe for lampooning. The Pop for Popular Pin se had begun. Drawing on atavistic figures like Marilyn Monroe or an anonymous sex symbol, reality is processed and packaged up.

    Since such artists' work is exhibited in museums, galleries and coffee table books, they do not strictly pass the test for mass-produced pin-up designation. Still, their very existence proves how durable an architype the pin-up model is.

    The prototypical pin-up postcard artist of the nineteenth century, Kirchner Raphaelcontributed to the establishment of the "pretty girl" format. Also becoming publicly acceptable was such mainstream popular art as 'Psyche at Nature's Mirror' pin Paul Thumann, first pim in Munsey's December Issue. White Rock beverages then adopted it as their trademark and, bythe demure Psyche was attending parties topless! At the turn of the century, the calendar was the most prominent form of pin-up material, especially the early pin girl" formats by Angelo Asti.

    Still, the image was subsequently printed on literally hundreds of thousands of calendars, in addition to candy boxes, postcards and more. By the s, the golden age of illustration was in full flower. The new film industry fueled the public's appetite for magazines devoted to their celluloid heroes. In the s, a glimpse of a woman's bare ankle could be considered scandalous.

    Bergey just a generation later! Corporations and advertising agencies were likewise vying for the services of talented artists to create identities the public would respond to. A significant pre-war American advertising icon was the Arrow Shirt man, portrayed brilliantly by J. Although Leyendecker is primarily known for his depictions of men, he had a profound influence upon popular illustrators such as Norman Rockwell and many who followed. George Quintana. Mabel Rollins Harris.

    As popular culture devoured its forbidden voyeuristic fantasies in pulp magazines, and later paperback books, another trend had begun to legitimize the pin-up as a serious art form: Higher brow fare offered by such slick periodicals as Esquire an important predecessor of PlayboyCosmopolitanThe Saturday Evening Post and others.

    Pn Deco depictions of the female form were considered tasteful enough for inclusion in these magazines. Alberto Vargas makes for a convenient figure as we watch his agt evolve from coy art more explicit. The fact that he started at Esquire and ended up at Playboy also makes for a barometer of trends within pin-up.

    While Vargas was refining the centerfold concept, a contemporary of his was pursuing an even higher profile art - that of superstar commercial artist.

    George Petty had worked for Esquire Vargas replaced him after a sex over salarybut the 'Petty Girl' was a fixture from the s until the s. The Petty Girl pitched a dizzying array of products to arf national audience. She became so firmly entrenched in the public's consciousness that a movie was actually made about her - a fictitious airbrushed icon. During World War Two, pin-ups accompanied G. Vargas pin-ups were also very much in evidence in the barracks and as nose-art of the Airforce.

    Additionally, the Louis F. Dow Calendar Company produced special booklets of pin-up art created by their star artist Gillette Elvgren to be mailed overseas. After the war, Christian Dior introduced his 'new look', war restrictions on luxury items sex as nylons were lifted and undergarments art made the transition to two separate pieces, the bra and the girdle. Society had moved past the androgynous flappers and the economically depressed s to a new age of prosperity.

    The move towards commercialization was well under way. If a srx, wholesome girl-next-door could be utilized to sell a product, why not a girl in stockings modestly flashing some skin But she's always a 'good girl' - Its not her fault that playful puppy pulled her skirt over her head! If anyone is responsible for the explosion of vibrant beautiful pitchwomen, it is Chicago artist Haddon Sundblom. Sundblom 's lush oil technique influenced a roster of important pin-up artists. Their technique of using thick layers of sex to achieve a warmth and glow art dubbed 'the mayonnaise school'.

    Haddon Sundblom. Pearl Frush. Independent of the national accounts for specific products and services, there were other fertile markets for pin-up art.

    They produce office sec, playing cards and calendars, many of which art designed to be imprinted by small companies and pih given away as promotions.

    They employed some of the best talent to design both generic and industry-specific artwork. Although they, as well as other pn publishers, occasionally produced nude or 'racy' product, they sought not to alienate their conservative or religious customers sex such fare.

    In addition to the strait-forward realistic oil paintings of Elvgren and others, they also utilized pastel artists, such as Rolf ArmstrongEarl MoranBilly de Vorss pin Zoe Mozert and originated the 'sketch book' genre pioneered by Earl MacPherson and used to great success by BallantyneT.

    ThompsonFritz WillisK. MunsonFreeman ElliotTed Withers and others. Playboy created a sensation with their centerfold of M arilyn Monroe in Frederick Smith. Although Esquire had presented photographic pinups previously, they never contained overt nudity. An interesting footnote to the Pop Art movement of the 's is the work of Mel Ramoswho combined nude pin-ups with recognizable corporate images for a satiric blend of cheesecake and commercialism.

    Another modern artist of mention is Patrick Nagelwho died tragically early in his promising career. Although Nagel ' s work has the cool aesthetic of woodblocks and don't invite the viewer into a realistic depiction, the fact that his original paintings, and pin of his modern contemporaries, commands incredible pn speaks to the current attitudes towards the pin of pin-up as a modern art form. The introduction dex explicit men's magazines Penthouse art the world to pubic hair in made such innocent depictions seem quaint and old-fashioned.

    Photography was a quick u easy means to satisfy the pressures of monthly deadlines.