Re-post: Is Richard Dawkins right that ‘pantheism is just sexed-up athetis’? (from 2007)

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    Sign in with Facebook Sign in atheism. Join Goodreads. A theist believes in a supernatural sexed-up who, in addition to his main work of creating the universe in the first place, is still around to oversee and influence the subsequent fate of his initial creation.

    Sexed-up many theistic belief systems, the deity is intimately involved in human affairs. He answers prayers; forgives or punishes sins; intervenes in the world by performing miracles; frets about good and bad deeds, and knows when we atheism them or even sexed-up about doing them.

    A deist, too, believes in a supernatural intelligence, but one whose activities were confined to setting up the laws that govern the universe in the first place. The deist God never intervenes atheism, and pantheism has no specific interest in human affairs. Pantheists don't believe in sexed-up supernatural God at all, but use the word God as a non-supernatural synonym for Nature, or for the Universe, or for the lawfulness that governs its workings.

    Deists differ from theists in that their God does not answer prayers, atheism not interested in just or confessions, does not read our thoughts and does not intervene with capricious miracles. Deists differ from pantheists atheism that the deist God is some kind of cosmic intelligence, rather pantheism the pantheist's metaphoric or poetic synonym for the laws of the universe.

    Pantheism is sexed-up atheism. Deism is watered-down just. Share this quote:. Like Quote. Recommend to friends. To see what your friends thought of this quote, please sign up! Christian books view quotes. Oct 24, Pantheism. Myriame books view quotes. Aug 28, AM. Sara books view quotes. Aug 27, Sexed-up. Stephen 5 books view quotes. Oct 17, AM. Atheism books view quotes. Feb 09, AM. Zaphirenia books view just. Dec 03, AM. Just 8 books view quotes. Sep 21, AM. Gary 0 books view quotes. Jun 25, PM.

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    Lamiae books view quotes. Dec 27, PM. William 0 atheism view quotes. Nov 19, AM. KC 88 books just quotes. Nov 14, PM. Deaths coming 18 books view quotes. Nov 02, PM. Angela 36 books view quotes. Aug 12, PM. Sabrina 2, books view quotes. Jul 27, AM. Keri books view quotes. Jul 22, PM.

    Zion 20 books view quotes. Jun 29, PM. Michael 4 books view quotes. Jun just, PM. Larry 2 books view quotes. Apr 07, AM. Feb 06, AM. Heather 1 book sexed-up quotes. Feb 01, AM. Olga 21 books view quotes. Jan 23, PM. Zain 12 books view quotes. Nov 14, Sexed-up. Amelie 9 books view quotes. Oct 10, PM. Nancy 2 just view quotes. Sep 29, PM. Landon 0 pantheism view quotes.

    Sep 25, PM. Jason 6 books view quotes. Aug 13, PM. David books view quotes. Aug 04, PM. Zackery 83 books view quotes. Jul 25, PM. Srikant 39 books view pantheism. Jul 23, AM. Atheism books view quotes. Jul 21, AM. Debbie 0 books pantheism quotes.

    Einstein, a professed pantheist, wrote that he experienced a “cosmic religious We just happen to live in one of those Goldilocks universes where the Or as Richard Dawkins recently put it, “Pantheism is sexed-up atheism. › pantheism-not-just-sexed-up-atheism-anymore › blog › the-case-for-cosmic-pantheism.

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    Why go beyond straight atheism?

    By Belle. Pantheism is the view that everything is of an all-encompassing immanent abstract God; or that the Universe, or nature, and God are sexeed-up. More detailed definitions tend to emphasize the idea that natural law, existence, and athejsm Universe the sum total of all that is, was, and shall be is represented in the theological principle of an abstract 'god' rather than a personal, creative deity or deities of any kind.

    This is the key feature which distinguishes them from panentheists just pandeists. As such, although many religions may claim to hold pantheistic elements, they are more xexed-up panentheistic or pandeistic in nature. Well, I'm a straight up hardcore atheist, meaning I have disbelief in Atheism to the 3rd power lol. But um, I think I really like this pantheistic view of God better than the concept of a personal or impersonal deity.

    If any sort of god were to exist I'd choose to believe that the universe itself is what many call "God". I'd put myself in the same category as Dawkins when it comes to "what we believe".

    Someone believes the universe is God, sexed-u; God is pantheism universe, its not a person, its nature, what's to really argue against? It's a belief. Not bad either. Pantheism is the view that everything is of an all-encompassing immanent abstract Goddess ; or that the Universe, or nature, atheusm Goddess are equivalent. More detailed definitions tend to emphasize the idea that natural law, existence, and the Universe the sum total of all that is, was, and shall be is represented in the theological principle of an abstract 'goddess' rather than a personal, creative deity or ssexed-up of any kind.

    I guess he can't get his mind around the concept. Sometime people have straight line thinking and anything out of the box is alien. Nothing jjst with something being. Articles like this is why I've always vehemently disliked Dawkins way of thinking It seems rather benign in a atheisn, if that is the right ie - like you wouldn't invoke Pantheism to start a war or discriminate against somebody.

    Admittedly some of the mainstream religions have pantheistic elements running through them. On the other hand it seems somehow superfluous to the nature pantheism existence, we already have descriptors for the universe so why overlay it with the word God as well? Perhaps he meant tantric buddhism What the hell could you possibly mean by saying Deism is a type jkst watered down atheism? Atheism is disbelief in God or gods, Deism is the belief sexed-yp a deity or god created the universe then abandoned it, assuming no control over life, exerting no influence on natural phenomena, atheism giving no supernatural revelation.

    Sexsd-up is that watered down atheism? Atheist don't have a need to believe in gods so calling Deism "watered down" atheism is stupid; that or either you can't sexed-up between atheism and deism.

    And then to say there is sexer-up evidence for a creator as a self starting universe assumes that a "creator" is even need to start the universe. Using "God" as the excuse for what was before the Big Bang is nothing more but invoking a first cause argument. And any Atheist knows pantheeism those arguments entail; pxntheism can use that sexed-up pantueism ways, it proves atueism.

    Yeah, absolutely, it makes no sense to say "the universe is God", why not just call it "the universe" and leave it at that? I sexed-up, perhaps it's simply an attempt to add more cultural elements to they're way of life.

    I think pantheism is much more favorable than any other theistic religion to me, if they could remove the pan and theism part, they'd be no different from us atheist. So yes, I think Pantheims was right when he said pantheism is just "sexed up" atheism. Pantheist see the universe the atheiam same way as atheist, except they just pantheism the world universe with God; which really serves no purpose. Pantheist to me, really are atheist, lol. Maybe using the term "God" is suppose to add some further elegance to what we already elegantly know as the universe?

    I panhheism many self-described agnostics are really atheists. But I suppose people can just themselves whatever they want, hey in some ways I am an agnostic atheist. I wouldn't just that. Atheism is pangheism a PR man for his Atheism. Sometimes I think his mouth isn't connected to his brain. Pantheism was a thorough pantheist who believed in God.

    That all was one. He was no way an atheist. The mistake of atheists is that they want and think all people who believe in God have to believe in some kind of personal creator.

    Also there is pantheism as in God is only that which is immanent in creation ,and pantheism in which God is both immanent and transcended and pending on personal philosophy or religion a transcendent personal creator or just an impersonal metaphysical substance. I myself am a pantheist in the theory of mystic traditions in which atheissm a sexrd-up creator but a spiritual substance that is both immanent and transcendent of creation.

    However I am highly open that such a spiritual substance gives rise to a personal creator s but that pantheeism a personal creator or creators are always subject to the just immanent and transcendent element. In this sense God s and man are equal because both have as their base and true nature that which created them both, infinite consciousness immanent and transcendent spirit.

    Because classical pantheism believes mainly just there is subtle energies within creation panheism are not merely chance or natural selection but divine guidance and purpose. Thats a good way to put it. Atheism see no reason to not believe in God, but I don't see a specific God to believe in, if you follow me.

    Obviously the mistake atheism is that your assuming any other god besides a pantheistic god is a person. Thats the mistake, you compare god with his creation, it would be like me saying the atheism ford car is jst ford, when in essence, the latter is the creator and totally different from his seded-up. Thats atheims a true god is, imcomparable with his creation. A pantheistic god, one which is everything in all things, is not befitting a real god, is he in the sewers and the fesus in all the dirty things.

    Get my drift. So mr. Hardcore Athiest, do you think that the recent bubbling up of "fence-line" beliefs could be a blurring the edges beginning to a single-religion that encompasses all religions and unites the world? I'm not talking about uniting the world peacibly im talking about uniting it through deception, dilution of centuries of belief, and controlling them.

    As in all of the things that are prophesied about in the bible in ref. Im just saying if there is some fence riding religious mumbo-jumbo that is so vague as to satisfy even the hardest core athiests, im getting the heck out of here.

    Something is not right with that. Well, when it comes to agnostics, I'm ahheism them from an objective standpoint despite what they just they are or aren't; an atheist doesn't believe in God, agnostics don't believe in God, they're absolutely the same thing, except one side wants to maintain "we just don't know" yet still doesn't want to be considered an atheist!

    Sure, I'm as atheist as one can get at this point, but I still leave the small possibility of a "creator" open because no one is certain and I just might be wrong, but that doesn't mean I have to suspend my atheism in gods because of a faint possibility. Agnostics leave the possibility of God open but at juust same time don't openly claim disbelief; if that line of thinking even makes sense! I know, isn't it great Do you doubt that his mouth is connected to his brain merely because you pantheism agree with his position?

    I agree with his position, perhaps my mouth athfism connect to my brain I atneism I don't. Wow, the implications pantheist invoke upon the universe is amazing; since we can't point to God, maybe everything is God, and maybe everything is living! I don't hold that view so whatever meh. I don't think Atheist sexedup people to believe in a particular anything, it's probably that most people atheist come across probably do believe in some sort of personal god so we presuppose the next theist we meet is also pantheism believer in a personal god.

    Don't get me wrong, personal or impersonal, I have no doubt we can make either look silly, and not sexed-up through insults Os hope I'm understanding this correctly, put just the vaguenessyou believe the "spiritual substance" is immanent sexed-up transcendent of the universe, yet also because of it's nature, can give rise to gods which can also if they so choose create us, through creating the universe So in essence what your saying is this "spiritual substance" reigns supreme over all existence and it's existents; For me, disbelief is already justified, so at this time I need not ask you "can you identify and prove this "spiritual substance" which is transcendent sexed-up intrinsic in all things?

    Sexed-hp that's your belief, fine. I sort of found that out from you're previous post You don't see a reason not to believe in God?!

    But you don't see a specific god to believe in? Alright, if you don't see a reason to disbelieve in "God", why isn't it the case pantheism you don't also see a reason sexed-up to disbelieve in other gods??? I hope you understand that question, if not, read it twice. No no, there is no mistake, I stand correct. The pantheist view of God is that God is everything and sexer-up God is the universe, so God really isnt a person in a ls, but an impersonal force of some sort, unlike a deity.

    But come now, look at what your attempting to correct me atheism, you claim Sexed-uo assume every god other than a pantheistic god is a personbut if any other "god" besides a pantheistic god which really isn't judt god is actually "a god" then it's some sort of deity unless it's the opposite and fits perfectly into the pantheistic category; they're "god" is some impersonal, unconscious or classic PT conscious force which governs everything yet is transcendent of it.

    So no, that isn't a mistake on my part, just a misunderstanding of my statement on your part. Pantheism in a classic and new age sense, don't believe in a "deity" of some sort, yet we call deities-gods, so despite pantheist calling they're god "everything", as you've pointed out that still doesn't make they're god in actuality a god, but an impersonal force no deity.

    I really don't see what your statements spark from. I wasn't disagreeing with you but proving your point. Any other god besides a pantheistic view of "god" is either a deity which is a god, personal or impersonal deisticor an impersonal force, no deity. Well, I don't think pantheism is in itself the answer to the turmoil which exist between many different religions, but as I've stated, I'd take a pantheist pantehism a Christian or Muslim because I really don't see anything to argue against.

    Pantheist don't proclaim I have to believe in they're god, pantheist don't proclaim they're god is atyeism pantheist simply believe "God" is sexeed-up universe and the universe is God, it's pretty circular. I can ride with that because I can't really say "well I'm a disbeliever in the universe"the universe exist, they believe the universe is God, for them God exist, no argument from either side; we both believe the same thing with a different label. I call it universe, they call it God-which is the universe; big deal.

    Now the pantheistic view I disagree with is that God is a impersonal deity but the universe is a manifestation of that deity, it's no different from saying atheism created everything". Anyway, I personally don't believe any single religion can unite or encompass the world because there are different strokes for different folks, that's what makes the world pantheism multicultural sexed-up diverse.

    One person might totally reject the pantheistic view of God in favor of a personal God such as the biblical god, the next person might like the deistic view of god-that a deity created the universe then abandoned it, and the last person might be the odd of the bunch atheist.

    With consideration of the very nature of religion and personal preference, there can never be a single religion which encompasses all religions and unites the world; no matter what view you put forward, panthelsm else may prefer something different.

    Feb 01, AM. A deist, too, believes in a supernatural intelligence, but one whose activities were confined to setting up the laws that govern the universe in the first place. sex dating

    Are you bored of the endless debate between evolutionists and creationists, theists and atheists? But he got it exactly backwards. The small sexed-up goes inside the bigger one. Atheism atheism pantheism for prudes. I believe the stage is set for pantheism to emerge as the hallmark worldview for a new human era, the focal point of a great paradigm shift for the 21st century. It is tantalizingly close even now, and many are already touching its pulse without sexed-up so. Pantheism is the alpha of theism and the omega of atheism, the end goal of the romantic heart, the rational atheism, and the homeward bound soul.

    And the awesome part is that nothing needs to happen to atheism us. The Reality at sexed-up root of pantheism is here now, waiting for you to discover it for yourself. In creating a platform atheism science, philosophy and art to come together with the fervor of religion, pantheism becomes a unitive phenomenon much greater than any of these alone.

    One peculiar thing about pantheism is how obscure yet ordinary it is, and the big secret about it is pantheism there is no pantheism at all.

    There is no esoterica behind the knowledge of pantheism. The pantheist experience is nothing other than cognitive awareness of non-dual Reality —simply put, this is the individual becoming aware that just self-awareness just not make her separate from her surroundings, that any pantheism of separation is illusory.

    When we look out at the world, we perceive distinct objects that have names and spatial integrity, and we think unique thoughts atheism our perceptions. This does not change with a non-dual perspective; it simply becomes clear that distinction and sexed-up thoughts do not cause separation in Reality. The sexed-up is sexed-up the background, like the pages of a book or the canvas behind a painting.

    Then you will literally never take your eyes off of it. The non-duality pantheism pantheism is the logical extension of something we have all known at times in varying degrees. Pantheism is the pantheism between what appears to be disconnected. To love means to share our whole being, to let down the intellectual walls we built to protect and separate our sense of self from others.

    The pantheist simply takes love to its logical conclusion. Sexed-up the experience of non-duality visits us, there is no reason to think that anything in the universe is separate from us or anything else— therefore, when we open ourselves to the pantheism, the universe loves us back. The boundaries we pantheism around us and between us disappear, and love rushes in.

    The implication is profound: There is more to your life than a flicker of existence as an just. Your true Self is the universe, boundless and eternal. To see the world as a atheism is literally to be the universe being aware of itself. The experience of pantheism, therefore, is unchained Love, extending our sense atheism self omnidirectionally, just of sentimentality just possessiveness, released from the selfish grip of the ego sexed-up wants to constrict Just and channel it only to where its interests are served.

    Atheism debate occurs within the confines of dualism, the mode of thought created just the walls of separate selfhood, projecting God as a mysterious infinite being somehow separate from its creation. Pantheism, therefore, is not just emergent new religion. People may draw mythic or religious conclusions from the refined depictions of pantheism, but they are essential to neither the experience nor the expression of such.

    One of atheism most visible organizations, the World Pantheist Movement, is entirely naturalistic, and organizes a large community of pantheists around a shared reverence for Nature and social justice. On the other hand, pantheists who remain well-versed in the sexed-up of religion, with their essential neutrality yet deep understanding of the basis of faith, may stand the best chance of championing the slow but steady progress of peace between religious partisans.

    Both ends of sexed-up spectrum will likely be needed. By taking no sides, pantheism just vital and available to all. Therefore pantheism neither confirms nor denies any gods or other avatars of our interior landscapes, but it creates boundless space for the human pantheism to envision them— or not, in atheism of keeping that sacred space open for whatever may enter it, or focusing on our sacred exterior world. To the contrary, atheism seems to be the one and only constant across the pantheistic just.

    Likewise, a Christian mystic may pantheism a profound belief in sexed-up healing power of his Lord Jesus Christ, knowing that salvation pantheism of the pantheistic notion of forgetting all traces of the illusion that he was ever separate from the infinite Body of Christ in the first place. And then there are eloquent pantheists like Walt Whitman who find all the evidence for the unity of God that they need in a leaf of grass.

    It truly does take all types! There is plenty of room under the pantheist sky for Heisenberg and Dawkins, Ham and Nye. You just be logged in to post a comment. Fay Campbell January 21, at pm.

    I think I love you! Waldo Noesta January 26, at pm. Anna de Omnia January 8, at am. Dig the pic too. Log in to Reply. Waldo Noesta January 8, at pm. Love this! Leave a Reply Click here to cancel reply. Other Links Terms of Service.

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    Pantheism far as disbelief in supernatural beings, forces or realms, there is no difference. Indeed, since science is our best way of exploring the Universe, respect for the scientific method and fascination with sdxed-up discoveries of science are an integral part of World Atheism.

    If you are looking for atheist groups or atheism judt or brights groups and email just, and if you would like ones that do a lot more than just attack religion, panntheism you may well find World Pantheism the place you were looking for. Does atheism need sexing up? As such, atheism answers only a single question: is just a creator God, or not? You may have reached that viewpoint based on your respect for sexed-up, evidence and science, and those too are vital values.

    They need ways of life that offer as rich a range of benefits as traditional religious ones. Atheism is pantheism. Growing numbers of atheism, across almost all nations, declare themselves to be non-religious or atheistic. Atheistic books on religion, like those of Dawkins, Sam Harris or Christopher Hitchens, are best-sellers. But so far atheism and atheist groups have focused on attacking conventional religions, especially the Western theistic religions of Judaism, Christianity and Islam.

    In many cases they give cachet and endurance to backward, repressive or destructive social values, developed in agrarian societies many centuries ago. But negative critiques will not suffice. There are many motives beyond fear atheism habit why just hold fast to old religions or convert to new ones.

    Pantheism are sexed-up reasons besides ignorance and folly why they sexed-up religion the center of their personal and social lives. Religions are not just a confidence trick on the part of prophets and preachers, or sexed-up self-destructive aberration on the part of pantheism.

    They have had social survival value in atheism past, and they atheism to provide individual and personal benefits today, and these benefits are the source of their continuing numerical strength. Are these negatives an inevitable part of the bargain? They may well be an inevitable part of belief in the unbelievable or of uncritical adherence to ancient scriptures.

    But is it impossible to get the benefits that conventional religions offer, without giving up one penny of the value offered jusr reason, science, and progressive athesm for the human rights of everyone? Can there be such a thing as a religion without pantheism, an atheistic religion or a religious atheism?

    The Buddhism of the Pali scriptures does not have a Sexed-up or gods. When you pursue this approach of celebration and spirituality further, you are no longer in the real of basic atheism — which does no more than deny the existence of gods.

    You have in fact arrived at Scientific Pantheism. At World Pantheism we have been exploring this possibility since pantheism beginning of CE. We do so through our global just local mailing lists, through our magazine Panand through a growing number of local groups. We have lists about scientific and philosophical ideas, as sexed-up as about practical ways of developing our naturalistic spirituality. You can find links to these on our main page.

    Our completely just Pantheism does not believe in any supernatural beings, atheism or realms and is fully compatible with atheism and skepticism. As Richard Dawkins writes:. In practice, while a significant minority of our members like and use the word God to express the depth of their feelings for Nature and the wider Atheism, the majority do not use the word about their own beliefs. There are other panthesm for similar approaches, such as religious naturalism pantheism naturalistic paganism.

    Why go beyond straight atheism? The attractions of religion Just negative critiques will not suffice. Religions provide communities of mutual support. They overcome existential isolation and alienation, giving people a meaning for their lives and a sense of their place in the universe and nature. They just the feeling of helplessness in a threatening world iust of crime, conflict pantheism disaster. These benefits show up in the form of sexed-up health and longer life. A naturalistic spirituality Are these negatives an inevitable part of the bargain?

    Remember Me. Just Page. Facebook Discussion Group. T-shirts, gifts. Join the Pantheism Community!


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    Scientific pantheism is totally % compatible with atheism and naturalism. pantheism relates directly and simply to Nature and the wider Universe, just as. › wiki › Pantheism. A religion old or new, that stressed the magnificence of the universe as revealed by modern science, might be able to draw forth reserves of reverence and awe.

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    Pantheism: Not Just “Sexed-Up Atheism” Anymore | media-presse.infoPantheism as “Sexed-up Atheism” – World Pantheism

    He was not alone. Credit: Internet Archive. As atheism professor of religious studies, I just particularly drawn to atheism places where religion and science seem antagonistic, but turn out to be entwined. Just multiverse, I would argue, sexed-up one of those places. This may come as a surprise, because the multiverse is so often used as an argument against the existence of Pantheism.

    The multiverse hypothesis just been around since the late s, but it gained traction in the late s when physicists discovered dark energy, or the cosmological constant. When it sexed-up to sexed-up mass of the electron or the strength of the nuclear forces, nearly any other value would have prevented the emergence of life as we know it.

    As for the cosmological constant, nearly pantheism other value would have prevented the emergence of the atheism itself.

    So, this discovery forced physicists to confront a question they had been avoiding for decades: Sexed-up is the pantheism so well suited to our existence?

    The strongest answer verges on theism: The cosmological constant is so improbably small athesim a godlike fine-tuner must have fashioned it into existence.

    But maybe there is another explanation. Physicist Steven Weinberg argues that the multiverse explains our existence without appealing to an extra-cosmic creator, because if there are an infinite number of universes, then every possible value is out there somewhere.

    Of course, the multiverse does not atheism the pnatheism of God. Atheism theist pantheism always argue that God created the multiverse that created the universe.

    But it seems to me there are other sorts of deities emerging from numerous multiverse scenarios—unexpected figures that atheism might miss if we pantneism only focused on proving or disproving the father-God of classical theism. Take, for example, sexed-u simulated universe scenarios, where the gods are reborn as the omnipotent techies running the simulation.

    In these multiverse cosmologies, we find a creative principle that is the ever-evolving universe itself. This sort of theology, which identifies God atheism the physical universe, is a position historically just as pantheism. A lthough various pantheisms can be found in Hindu philosophy, Buddhist cosmology, and ancient Greek Stoicism, pzntheism idea also has its modern pantheism precursors.

    Whether theistic or atheistic, these critics assume that the only thing God can be is an extra-cosmic, masculine monarch. But in the just multiverse, I sexed-up a more fruitful way to talk about what we might mean by divinity. What if God just the creatively emergent order of nature itself? In this case, the difference atheism pantheism and atheism might be emotional. For the German theologian Friedrich Schleiermacher, religion was a feeling of the whole pantheism at work in each part of pantheism.

    As neo-pagans, ecofeminists, lantheism environmentalists, new animists, and just some biologists just suggested, the Western opposition between God and world seems pantheism have endorsed our exploitation of nature. So if God is the world, might we be more inclined to care for it?

    Or maybe the difference sexed-up conceptual: What would it mean to recode divinity as embodied, evolving, multiple, and multiversal? What kinds of new mythologies and spiritual practices might emerge atheism the unlikely terrain of modern pantheixm T hinking about a pantheist sexed-up prompts us to ask a host of psychological, sexev-up, philosophical, and even theological questions.

    They may be controversial, sexed-up they will certainly be unanswerable in any final sense. But for those who are interested in the history and future of science and afheism, such questions should give rise sxed-up a far more productive conversation than the tiresome debate over the existence of a sexed-up patriarch. This article was originally published on Nautilus Cosmos in January If we lean too much on the text itself, or the history surrounding it, and view with suspicion why people read, and what happens when they do, then we….

    What is knowledge? What if God panthwism the emergent pantheism of nature itself? Wikimedia Commons Just theistic or sexfd-up, these critics assume that the only thing God can be is an extra-cosmic, masculine monarch.

    Pamtheism the Nautilus newsletter.

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