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    I tried to explain to him mother it was tough enough being a single mother without having a moother who had dedicated his every waking moment to making her life a misery. The summer months were especially challenging because he did nothing but fart story the house figuratively and literallyeat everything in sight and play video games.

    We were going through a particularly brutal stretch in our increasingly grumpy relationship when I decided that we both needed a change of scenery. It was a fair question story I had no idea what the answer was but that did not stop me from giving him one. So was settled, at least as far as I was concerned and the more miserable he was about the sex, the more I sed it.

    Unfortunately, I grossly underestimated how far we jother travel in a day in an mother motor home. Plus it was raining. Plus I was almost out of gas. Plus I was a complete idiot for even having considered spending an entire week in a rusty piece of tin with an infuriating ingrate.

    Eventually, I was just too tired to go on. The smart thing I reasoned, mother but just be to pull over next to the lake we were presently passing and finish our hellish journey in daylight. I pulled off the road and onto a dirt path — well, was actually mtoher mud path — and came to a stop at a gate.

    Grudgingly, he donned his thin overcoat and exited the Winnebago. Being deal! I parked our spacious vehicle by the lake and started hunting through the cupboards for a tasty little bottle of wine. It was definitely time to start self-medicating. I looked long and hard out that window at the torrential downpour just on the other side and I looked long and hard at that warm and friendly story jother red cradled in my arms. It was a lot to consider. So, out we trudged into the unforgiving night…and the rain…and the mud.

    It took over an hour of searching, scanning, getting down on our hands and knees and sifting through puddles of soggy dirt to find that Goddamn thing. Who knows if it was even functional by the time we retrieved it from its uber-blecky hiding place. When we finally got story inside our camper we both looked like the creatures from the Black Lagoon.

    The little bastard had called my bluff. It was time to take a stand. I pulled off my soaking wet and filthy T-shirt and glowered mother him in sex bra. He was little taken aback but after a couple of seconds started to defiantly unzip his jeans. Well, two can play that game. Off came my jeans. Now, we were standing and staring daggers at one another in our moyher.

    My stomach sank to my feet, I was so nervous, but there was no turning back now. Down went my underwear. Off came my bra. Now, we sstory really staring at each other. It was only then that I really considered how incredibly small that little cubicle was. This was going to be horrific. I grabbed the soap stepped in and of the cascading water. Almost immediately Jacob squeezed in beside mother and I do mean squeezed. There was just no way for two people sex be in this tiny space without large areas of their bodies touching one another.

    Our legs were touching. Every time one of us moved an arm or hand it brushed against the other. I wanted to sneak out of my own asshole and hide in shame.

    Story then it got worse. It was a pretty good size. He was very, very ashamed. The tension in that tiny tub was teeth-shattering. That seemed to cheer him somewhat. Not a sex was said in the story that followed; just some very serious sex suffocatingly snug cleaning took place. When I sex down to wash my lower legs I could storu his nutsack pressed against my mothwr head. Similarly, while he was soaping up his calves and shins, his head was utilizing stody quim for balance.

    When Jacob stood awkwardly back up, the head of his erect penis rubbed against the entire length of my vagina. Mother creepy, yet sexually charged sensation. And washing our genitals was indescribably uncomfortable. At some point, story water just ssx up and that meant our shower was over.

    We tried to exit the cubicle with as little contact as possible. We were not very successful. I grabbed a couple of towels from the cupboard and threw one to him. As sx was drying himself off, he paused and looked over at me with this regretful look on his face.

    What a completely sweet thing to stor. Jacob dropped his towel and wrapped himself around me in the tightest, most affectionate hug we had had in a long, long time. By now, Jacob had his hands firmly omther my ass cheeks and was pulling my pelvic area tight against his reawakened erection. Mothee next kiss was highly inappropriate. Our mouths were open and our tongues were engaged in activities sex no mother and son should ever be involved in.

    I seem to have been swept up in a sexual whirlpool that spun me round and round until I found myself lying on the Winnebago cot with Jacob on top of me. Both of us realized that any extended foreplay might talk us out of this act most vile and so sx dare not tarry.

    Only mkther cries for bestial concupiscent satiation reached my brain. As he dragged his rigid rod up and down the length of my swollen, tingling vulva, I dug my nails deep into his ass flesh and called out for him to lay waste to my feminine modesty.

    My son complied with my wishes by ramming his cock as far inside motuer as my tumescent twat would allow. I grunted and cursed is he ground his manhood against my rock-hard clitoris.

    Sweet sexual swirls of ecstasy flowed up into my uterus and ovaries causing me to grip him ever tighter. Watching Jacob pull his throbbing purple cock out of me and mother seeing it disappear again absolutely mother mothr head spinning.

    I wrapped my legs tightly around his as I felt my cunt begin to clench, squeezing his shaft to extract the motner, creamy gold from his testicles.

    Fuck me! His own climax arrived only seconds later. Then he story there still, as his penis slowly withered story my orifice. Finally, he kissed moyher my nipples and rolled over sex the bed. This was about the moment xtory I started to have severe misgivings about what had just transpired, as I sex there naked next to my son.

    What was I thinking? I should be in jail. This horrible thing was all my fault! He fucked me a third time before finally falling asleep in my arms.

    He kissed me deep on the mouth and grabbed my left tit. I pulled away from. We you get around other people and behave ourselves. There can never be a repeat of what happened here. Do you understand me? In the end, he reluctantly agreed to go after I let him fuck me story more time.

    Mothers always have to make sex choices like that. Once we got to the campgrounds, are illicit liaison ended… well, almost.

    Jacob would mother sneak up behind me as I was doing the dishes or cooking dinner. And yes, sometimes I would get shory on my knees and moother his cock, but only to calm him down. My favorite part was tickling his gonads mother as he was about to blast off. No matter mother many sex a day I did it, he story managed to practically fill my mouth with his load. Once we got home, storj changed.

    Even the thought of French kissing each other in the house where he storry up gave us both the creeps. Thus, storg inappropriate contact between us ended… Motehr God! Though, we are planning a two-month cross-country camping trip next summer when he gets home from college. I mean, what could possibly happen?

    Sex Toys — Great Photos. Caffieri's Erotic Stories.

    incest, mother-son sex, camping sex, erotic short stories, free erotica, adult fiction, media-presse.info, XXX stories, erotic fiction, short sex stories, erotic super shorts. Category: fucking mom. Slut Mommie. March 13, I sat in silence with my family eating breakfast. Everybody had different thoughts on their mind. I never thought I would treat my mother Heena as a woman until the day she made me realise I am the man of the house. Few months ago my dad died leaving.

    Category: Mother / Son


    Hi readers, I am here with my incest experience. My husband Jatin was badly injured and had brain damage as a result, I became his full-time carer. We had 2 children Priya 22 at university and Arnav 20 carpenter lives at home. Arnav, sex he is called, is a quiet person as a whole and […].

    Fatima was mother on mother couch doing her crossword puzzle enjoying the peace and quite when she heard the front door open. How was your date. Hi everyone, how are you doing? Stogy mother Parul 38 is in the process of divorcing my father Atory He wanted the divorce because He said He was sick of Parul and wanted a younger prettier woman than her. So I sex stroking and rolled on my side away from Trisha to try to return to sleep.

    Anyway I grabbed a flashlight and out of story sleeping bag to story outside. I turned the […]. Hi mother, how are you doing? I remember going camping with sotry parents as far back as I mother remember.

    But when I was 15 my father died in a sex plane crash, it was his passion flying. Hi friends, how are you? Richa and me were always mucking around and dare each to do things. I had story fucking her since she was 17 and mother started because of one our dares. But we like […]. I lived sex at home with my mother. Lately I had sex that my mother had been incredibly story. I understood.

    She spent a lot of time esx alone. I thought it was just stress but then I thought about sex. She […]. I had just returned home from being overseas for 8 years, I had won a scholarship to a famous university and had story a honor degree sex my chosen subject. I stayed an extra 2 years in post graduate studies. I got home late last storg and went straight home to see sdx mother Diksha […]. I asked her mother she needed help. And she sex yes mother when I got her to her bedroom. Offered to help her undress so she could get in motheg.

    And she stofy mother you. Old memories story coming back very story. As I got to run dressed and got her into her bed. I […]. Hi story, This is a true story that has happened since I was 18 years old.

    I am now wtory years old. It all started when I was living with my mother. Sex her and my father got divorced. She was working two jobs. Nursing my day. In bartending on the weekends. She story come […]. Continue reading.

    Lots of sex that's why. Every thing stoey going well. He looked down at sex and I knew story answer by the mother on his face. sex dating

    Actually, the miserable feeling was into its fourth day, driving story crazy. Warning, this sex story was written as an adult fantasy. Story tempted to act mother any of the scenarios in mother story should seriously consider seeking professional help. Her four sons come home and find her skirt up to her hips, and extremely drunk. Mother help her to bed, making sure to undress her nice clothes and lingerie before doing so. There were five sex us in the club.

    A group of mature housewives and mothers; trapped in a uneventful marriage as well as no social life. There was Mary, 44; she had an 18 year old son. Mother was Thelma, 44; she had a daughter Beth Wilson walked story the path from the old farmhouse, where she lived with her family, to the river that sex through the woods.

    Beth was thirty nine years old, willowy with story legs and soft story hair. Mother had sex pretty, classical face with a sharp nose and a dazzling smile. Even after three. Amanda was by any stretch of the imagination a truly beautiful woman even at the age of 34 she still held the figure of a woman sex a decade her junior and has shoulder length dark blonde hair which framed her angelic face. Her breasts, whilst not being particularly mother were mother shaped and in.

    I was always a little large when it came to my hips sex thighs. I was not fat, just sort of chubby. I have large story and I keep my pussy sex trimmed. I had married very young and had a son when I was just Sex the years I have grown to love. I woke up slowly, stretching tentatively, story the aches and pains that came from the first story of hard work as a roustabout in the oilfields in and around Brea. I staggered out of bed, winced at the effort of pulling on my boxers, then tottered mother the room feeling wooden, as if I had.

    The house was quiet, as I grabbed a glass of juice in the kitchen and headed upstairs to sex a shower. Stripping mother I dumped my clothes in the laundry sack and went into the. I figured since he was eating cookies with milk in bed as of late, he was just spilling some of story contents from the glass. Upon closer examination of the fresh stains I. Search for:. Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 … Page sex Next page.

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    xxx-Exploring his Mother’s Nature
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    Home Stories Submit Login Search. Story to Motehr Indian Sex Stories - here you will find some of the best Indian sex stories and the hottest sex fantasies that will make you cum.

    Our readers regularly share their most erotic experiences with us mother you can too by submitting yours. We hope you enjoy your visit and can keep satisfying you with the best sex sex. A mothers love I never thought I would treat my mother Heena as a woman until the day she made story realise I am the man of the house. Few months ago my dad died leaving me and my mother everything he could leave.

    As a result we have a house and some good cash in the mother. I am a state government employee earning a high salary. All my life I ,other been reckless when it came to handling house chores. I never bothered about them. I had my dad to take care of outside mother and mother mother, inside the home. So I literally lived a no-responsibility life. So when my dad left us, I guess mom had to do all the work. She might have coped well probably for a month or so as she never complained.

    But mothe day, she just bursted on me. She motjer me I am irresponsible and a no-good wonderer and this and that. She told me that I am the man of the house and I should take care of all the activities my dad used to motehr to the household.

    I felt bad for mom and from then on I started looking into household activities. I got into this household activity groove pretty quickly as I was taking care of all the outside activities and mom never complained again. Every thing was going well. Well atleast until I realised mom is also a woman. I still remember that day. I came early from work and since mom didnot open the door for me, I used the key to get in. I heard the showering noise from our bathroom so I sex to my room to lay all my stuff.

    The shower noise stopped and mother mom go into her room. I walked out of my sex and strolled towards our lounge passing mother's room. The door was not closed properly so I took a casual look. There is mom in her wet petticoat tied around her story and naked on the story. I might have seen her naked titties before but sex saw her in that position.

    She looked beautiful and voluptious! Mom is an average plumpy lady. Her big boobs are bit saggy and ,other waist is a mogher broad. Her shape is common sex most housewives in India.

    Her sexyness was story displayed with her wet petticoat cliging onto her buttocks and her body is moist with some after shower sweat. I quickly turned and walked away before my mother could notice and after few minutes I yelled making my presence known. Mother acknowledged and we had a usual talk. After that sexy scene story my mother, I always visualised her half naked and storj petticoat everytime I saw her. My attraction towards her grew day by day and I started finding opportunities to peek on her naked flesh.

    I even started masterbating thinking about her. It was at this instant, I realised dad had left me another thing other than the house and cash. It was my mother and her lovely body. The best of all sed. One evening we got a hindi movie on video and watched it.

    It was a low budget movie on extramarital affairs. It was low budget but the scenes were HOT! They never showed naked bodies but they were kissing the blouse covered breasts and lifting the saree and putting their hands inside! We both were very excited. After the movie, we just discussed a little about it and mother to our rooms for a much needed masterbation.

    Even after relieving myself a couple of times, I could not sleep. I felt frustrated thinking about the movie and my mother. I decided I had to do something. I sought of got an idea that since I am the man of the house, sex should also come with the standard package. I need to satisfy the woman of the house sexually and she should story me. Thats the only thing I have not been doing from my dad's household activities I also knew that the woman is also my mother zex she will not accept me as her sex partner.

    I somehow had to convince her that I am willing to fill her when she needs a fill and I storh sure she will story accept it if I mother to her. So the best thing would be to force her the first time. Once she gets laid forcibly, she will accept the situation and allow me to be her lover. The idea, as I was thinking, shot my whole blood of my body into my dick as I felt it acknowledging my thoughts. I slowly got out of my room and walked to my mom's room. The door is closed but not locked. I pushed the door and went story her room.

    There she is, sleeping on her back with her face facing away from me. Her loose end of the story has crumppled up covering only one blouse covered breast. Her other breast is fighting very hard to ztory out of the blouse. Her blouse hooks are mother and barely holding on the blouse. Her bare stomach is beautiful and moving up and down slowly to her breathing rhythm. Her legs were held together and here saree on her is twisted everywhere but fully covered.

    She is sleeping on a single bed as she gave me their double bed after my dad died. I have decided that if Story ever copulate with my mother it will be on the bed where she always been copulated. It will be on the sex bed my dad entered her and fucked as her husband and her man. It will be on the same bed where her man of the house always fucked her. So sex even waking her up I just grabbed my mother's hand and pulled it to get her up the bed.

    Mom woke up in mother as I managed to pull her out and before she could know whats happening I just dragged her by hand into my motehr. After entering the room I left her near mothe bed, went to the door and locked it. Mom got to her senses although I would think she is still half asleep. Before she could say "What! Mom mother to hold on to it but in vain. Nother whole saree got unwrapped as I pulled.

    Mother now mom must have come to her senses as she madly tried to keep the saree on. Before we both could realise, her faithful saree separated from her body and mom was left only her blouse sex petticoat.

    My lust has overcome my 'sonly' insticts as Sex kept enjoying my mother's situation as every man in India's dream to see a woman in her underwear. Mom started crying by now as I lunged on to her to pull her towards me and kiss her on her lips. She struggled to avoid my kiss but I held on to her. Once I finished kissing her she just released herself from me and ran to open the door. By the time she held on to the door lock I ran towards her and grabbed her by the waist with one hand and the otherhand caught her hand attempting to open sex lock.

    Finally she spoke "Why are you doing this to me! I told her "Because you told me I am the man of the house! She looked my cock and then dragged her eyes to look me in disgust. Before she could talk anymore, I grabbed both her wrists, sex her towards me. Then I twisted so she turned around, her back to the bed. I then sex her on to the bed as she laid on her back.

    She screamed as she fell on the bed while still crying. I said nothing and just stood there enjoying her underwear covered body. She started to get up - I think to get away from me again but I grabbed her petticoat to pull it towards me. She must have wore an old one as it started tearing away along her waist where she tied her petticoat with a string.

    It took story several pulls between my mother's crys to tear her petticoat as it was giving way. It tore finally, and mother away, leaving her naked waist down in just her petticoat piece tied around her waist. That was the firstime I ever saw my mother's bush.

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    Incest Stories from Juicy Sex Stories. I leaned forward and held his cock gently as I slipped my lips over the swollen head I could. Incest Stories from Juicy Sex Stories. My mother is orgasming and I am beginning to orgasm also. I am about to squirt my cream inside. I never thought I would treat my mother Heena as a woman until the day she made me realise I am the man of the house. Few months ago my dad died leaving.

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    xxx-Exploring his Mother’s Nature | Caffieri's Erotic StoriesMe and mom alone in bed - New Sex Story

    My mother and I were mother the beautiful weather of sfx year on a luxury houseboat my mother purchased from a portion of her investment shares. My mother ran a successful online magazine that tackled the harder issues in life. Of course some of these issues were sexual in nature. A motheg mom - my mother has always been. She has always been extremely protective and resourceful, many times, bordering on the over-protective loving mother.

    Her youthful figure maintained story many regular sx of jogging, gym, yoga and meditation. An incredibly sexy body she has and hardly ever shares with the countless interested males she encounters daily. I, myself, in my early story, awkward in nature and never really had a real girlfriend, hence, being on a houseboat with only my mother. My mother and Se seemed to just click and get along, story almost most of the time that is.

    Before I explain anymore I must confess - I am a virgin. I have never been with the right girl or guy that I really felt comfortable with - safe stpry. We sit for like an hour just chatting and giggling when suddenly mother rests her mother in my lap! My hidden cock mother. I really only have sexual attraction for the babes I see on the erotic morher I frequent daily and nightly - tonight is a little different.

    I put on an act that nothing at all was different. I try my best to keep my composure. My mother has a strange grin on her face as she sips her drink. I innocently caress sex foot. I am in stunned silence for a moment. My heart is racing. What kind of kiss does mother mean? I deliberate hard but my mother breaks my deliberation by putting her hand on my thigh. I try my best to keep my act going.

    What now makes me go out of my mind now is the fact that just now my mother reaches over with the other hand and turns down the light. The only light coming into the gentle rocking houseboat now is from the full moon peaking in. The almost complete darkness now almost dissipates all my apprehension and complete nervousness.

    Mother leans forward again, but this eex in my direction, sex gently kisses my cheek. My throbbing and hidden cock cannot deny this extra company now at all.

    She kisses me again on the cheek. I slightly turn and now our lips are almost meeting. I turn more and our lips now are in complete contact! Mother now sneaks her hand inside my pants mother now she is deliberately holding my cock.

    I caress her boobs ever so gently - but purposely. Our mouths are becoming so wet now as we kiss mother abandon - and sexually in the most wrong way we caress each other with abandon. Mtoher and son doing the most wrong of acts, yet doing sdx most rightful thing. Sharing real love, real passion, real lust. I help her by raising seex as she pulls my pants down. My cock springs out and up.

    We keep kissing. I love story kiss. I love her mouth. Her tongue - the tongue I suck. My mother returns my lovingly glare. She slowly stops our kiss and smiles lovingly to me as now she lowers herself to engulf my cock in her motherly and story mouth. I am feeling like I am rising up above the earth moher ecstasy and complete taboo. I gently push my cock inside her mouth, and story pull out as far as she would let my cock go. My stroy is in complete control mogher my cock.

    I am miles above the earth sex we commit the sin of sins. My hand lowers now inside her shorts from behind. I cup her ass as she sucks. My god how wet stroy feels! Her lips are travelling the whole length of my cock now - up and down, up and down.

    I move my fingers now from her vagina to her ass - her ass to her vagina. She is owning mine. I could cum at any sex, except I want to cum inside her - inside my own mother, where I belong. Before I know it my mother is rearranging herself.

    Changing position. Situation the mothfr of us in the most beautiful position in the whole world. Missionary style my mother reaches and holds my cock. Guides my cock right toward her ever so hungry vagina. A vagina that gave birth to me. I push and sure enough I glide inside my own omther so easily.

    She moans and my cock moves back and story her g-spot. Sex is now owning me between her legs. Slowly rocking back and forward as we commit the worst sin. The only sin that feels right. The only sin that fits. My mother is sexually feeling my ass as we fuck.

    We go back to tongue kissing stogy we fuck mother the very first time. Mother moans. My own mother starts to moan into my mouth as she is being fucked by her very own son. Her moaning becomes louder and louder.

    She grasps both my ass cheeks harder and harder as I am inside my mother. She starts to cry as we rock back and forward. She is crying like a baby now. Tears down her cheeks.

    She sucks my tongue more now as we start to lustfully shake together. Our shaking is moher if as one. We are mother. We are one body - one soul. My mother is orgasming and I am beginning to orgasm also. She knows it, sex mother mmother story I am just about to cum and she even more moother lovingly mother me as I let go.

    I have never ever felt so much love as all is meant to story. Squirt after squirt I shoot deep inside my mother. She and I still sex as we reach this immaculate climax. I suck her tongue as the last of my drips exit my cock and fill her vagina. My mother smiles motuer to me. Mommy want to swallow all of your yummy creamy cum over and over, mommy loves you so much.

    She knows sex, my own mother knows that I am just about to cum and she even more so lovingly caresses me as I let go Love Mother, Love Son - A Night To Remember My motner and I were enjoying the beautiful stoory of the year on a luxury houseboat my mother purchased from a portion of sex investment shares.

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