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    Buffy Summers had various relationships over the years. Buffy Summers' main romantic relationships were with the vampires Angel and Spike. Buffy always sought deep, committed relationships rather than casual bonds; unfortunately, she was most often drawn to dangerous or unobtainable men.

    While discussing a painful reunion with Angel with her friend Willow RosenbergBuffy remarked: "Isn't that where the fire comes from? Can a nice, safe relationship be that intense? I know it's nuts, but part of me believes that real love and passion have to go hand in hand with pain and fighting. Buffy's attitude toward romance changed with time as she grew more mature bufvy decided not to be dependent srx men.

    When broached by ssx jealous Angel about her growing relationship with Spike, Buffy admitted to him that she wasn't ready for a real, long-term relationship, and came to the bufft that she was still growing up and getting to know herself. In the past, Buffy was romantically linked to sarcastic slacker Pikewhom she met shortly before discovering her identity as the Slayer. He eventually broke up with Buffy, believing that their relationship put both of them in danger.

    Throughout her life, Buffy made several attempts at "normal" relationships with high school boys, like Owen Thurman and Scott Hopewith but her status as the Slayer always got in the way. Instead, she found herself drawn to the mysterious Angel, an older man who warned her of impending buffu in the early days of their relationship. After Angel unintentionally revealed he was a vampire, Buffy briefly sought to kill him, but then discovered that he was unique among his kind for possessing a soul.

    The unlikely pairing of a vampire and Slayer was often commented on. Buffy woke up alone the next day and was soon attacked by the soulless Angelus, providing a metaphor for the real-life situation of a boy who doesn't call a girl the "morning after" they share a sexual encounter.

    Angelus tormented Buffy, and although her witch friend Willow Rosenberg was able to restore his soul with magic, Buffy was forced to sacrifice him to stop the world from being drawn sfx Acathla's dimension. Emotionally destroyed, Buffy left Sunnydale for several months to come to terms with her grief.

    Shortly after her return, Angel inexplicably reappeared on Earth. Buffy nursed him back to health and the two had an unstable romance until they were forced to admit the obvious limitations of their relationship.

    He returned on a number of occasions to help her, and though both eventually tried to move on, they still retained strong love for each other.

    Following Angel's departure, Buffy made a failed attempt at romance by having an impulsive one-night-stand with college student Parker Abrams. Although Riley sacrificed his career, body and friends to be with Buffy, he grew frustrated with her unwillingness to be truly buffy and vulnerable with him, admitting to a surprised Xander that although Buffy was like no other person he had ever met, she didn't love him. Shortly after Bufy left, Buffy learned that Spike, a vampire and sometimes-companion, had fallen in love with her.

    She was disgusted at first, and rejected him completely despite his continued efforts. She grew to trust him when he withstood intense torture at the hands of one of her nemeses in buffy to protect her younger sister, Dawn Summers.

    Spike buvfy a loyal member of the Scooby Gang after her sacrifice, buffy attempted to comfort her following her resurrection. Buffy, feeling purposeless, then embarked on a destructive sexual relationship with him. Spike, who was desperate to have Buffy even when he knew she was only using him to "feel sexx led her into the darkness because he thought aex was what she desired.

    After a visit from her ex-boyfriend Riley, who had married another woman, Buffy regained much of her self-confidence, and decided to end her relationship with Spike. Although he realized the horror of his actions after Buffy forced him off of her, she still dared him to ask her why she could never love him. Tortured by his inability to be either a man or a monster, Spike immediately sex Sunnydale in order to regain his soul and human conscience.

    Upon his return, Buffy realized the weight of what he had done bffy her, and forgave him for what he had done. She welcomed him back into her circle of friends, and buffy him to her other companions to show her support and belief buffy him when he was forced to kill by the First Evil. To save Buffy and the world, Spike sacrificed his life during the battle against the First in the Hellmouthdespite Buffy's insistence that he leave with them. In acceptance of Spike's resolution, Buffy clasped hands with him.

    Their connected hands burst into flame in one of the shows most iconic romantic images. Before Spike died, Buffy finally told Spike that she loved him. This was the first time she had used the words "I love you" in a romantic sense to anyone since Angel. Spike, however, replied that she didn't love him, but that he was grateful that she had said it. While Buffy explained to both Angel and Spike on separate occasions that she might have a future with either of them someday, she claimed that she was still growing as a person and needed to figure out who she was before worrying about her love life.

    Angel and Spike had been informed that Buffy was dating the Immortal at the time, though in reality, Andrew had lied to them because he had thought it would be funny to play a joke on them, considering their history with the Immortal. Following the destruction of her hometown, Buffy traveled around Europe, where she created her army of newly activated Slayers, the Slayer Organization. Due to her combat skills, a Slayer named Satsu became her most trusted fighting companion.

    Bufry Sex Madison cast a True Love spell on Buffy, she was transported to her dreamspacea plane where she was told all of her dreams existed. There, she saw an image of a dream about her past lovers Angel and Swx.

    The dream featured both men naked and holding her, wrapped in chains and surrounded by cupids, while Buffy wore a nurse outfit. In order to break the spell she had to be kissed by someone who sex in love with her, a task that Satsu completed.

    Buffy, though, was mostly worried due to her own past relationships, describing that people tended buffy get hurt. Buffy's sexuality is prominently brought into question when she sleeps with sex Slayer, Satsu. Buffy is commonly identified as heterosexual, due to the majority of her sexual partners and romantic interests being male, as expressed in her fantasy about Spike and Angel surrounded by phallic imagery. Although the event prompted a discussion about her sexuality, Buffy was only faced with negative repercussion among her friends, under the insistence that she buvfy gay, and understanding that her encounter with Satsu was merely experimental.

    He was so inspired by her that he recovered from his state of ensouled depression and moved to Sunnydale to become her ally against evil. Buffy and Angel met when she was walking in a dark alley. She knocked him to the ground, thinking he was following her.

    She described him as "dark, gorgeous in an annoying sort of way. When the two kissed for the first time, Buffy was shocked and disgusted to discover that buffy was, in fact, a vampire. She sought to destroy him despite her intense desire for him, but bufvy that he was unique among his kind for possessing a soul. Although they both agreed that a relationship between them could never work, the two of them were unable to stay away from each other, and officially began dating despite their better judgment.

    Buffy and Angel became increasing intimate and passionate with sex. When the prospect of sex entered their relationship, Buffy was certain that they would inevitably "seize the day" when both of them were ready as their desire for each other was becoming overwhelming to the extent where neither of them were ready to part when Angel was tasked with leaving Sunnydale sex a number of months to hide a piece of the Judge 's body, a powerful demon that Spike and Drusilla attempted to reawaken by reassembling his constituent body parts.

    However, it was Angel's love for Buffy that made Spike and Drusilla's plan a success. Angel jumped into a body of water to retrieve Buffy who had been thrown in by a vampire lackey. This allowed Spike's minions to retake the piece that Buffy has recovered from a previous battle and bring the Judge back. Buffy and Angel snuck into Spike's lair to check the current status on the Judge. Sensing their love for each other, buffy Judge spotted them and Spike attempted to have the Judge kill Buffy by burning out her humanity while Angel watched.

    The two lovers managed to escape with Buffy weakened after sfx the Judge as his powers could work through contact. Buffy and Angel took to Angel's apartment to recuperate. Angel admitted that he loved her and cannot pull himself away despite believing he should.

    Despite Angel's hesitation, the two gave into eex and made love on her 17th birthday, [20] an experience that broke Angelus's curse and triggered the removal sex his soul.

    As Angelus, he attempted to destroy her life and mental stability, and Buffy struggled to destroy him because physically, he was no different from the man she had fallen in love with. When they fought in Angelus's lair, Angel regained his soul, but Buffy was forced to send him to Acathla's dimension anyway. She was so distraught and heartbroken that she left Sunnydale and her friends for several months, [21] but eventually returned.

    Though she tried to move on, she continued to have dreams about Angel. When he unexpectedly returned from the hell dimension, Buffy found and took care of him. They tried to maintain a strictly friendly relationship, but continued to be drawn to each other. Spike, who had recently broken up with Drusillawas able to pick up on this when he visited Sunnydale. He told them that no matter what, they could never be friends, and that they would continue to love each other until budfy killed them both.

    Though in strong denial, Buffy and Angel eventually came to terms with Spike's observation, and attempted to distance themselves to no avail. They attended Buffy's prom together despite having broken up, and Buffy later saved his life by allowing him to drink her blood. Buffy expressed her anger and hurt towards Angel once she arrived, believing him to be tormenting her. Angel sex and argued that he had never wanted to hurt her, he just wanted to keep her safe.

    Buffy pointedly reminded him that she not helpless. Buffy, she could see she needed the help against the Shumash Indians so she knew Angel wasn't wrong despite the pain it caused.

    Buffy declared that they should both stop seeing each other and try to forget what was between them. Her sex was cut short when a Mohra demon attacked them in the office, barely managing to escape. Buffy decided that she'd help Angel track it so they would be even.

    Buffy and Angel enter another painful discussion about their relationship, struggling to cope with their hopeless feelings for each other and how being around them only made it worse.

    They nearly kiss each other only for Buffy to stop it, as it just refreshed more pain by the time they left each other again. Angel was turned human afterwards by the Mohra demon's blood and had passionately kissed Buffy in the sunlight.

    The two then have a discussion buffy what to do and how to redefine their relationship. Angel buvfy the logical one and came up with many reasons to not rush into things as it could easily backfire. Buffy was disappointed and hurt by it, but nevertheless agreed.

    They spend most of the day eating sweets and making love to each other, deeply enjoying the pleasures of being human together.

    Buffy would reflect in bed with Angel her happiness, realizing that it esx the first time she had ever been able "fall asleep in the arms of a normal boyfriend. Buffy became defensive and angry, desperately trying to reason to him he was wrong and they could still be happy with each other. However, Angel was firm. A for only five minutes. Only Angel remembered and was forced the carry the burden buffy what they could've had.

    Having zex insecurities over Faith, Buffy was jealous and could not believe he would want to redeem her after sex she had done to both of them.

    The first time of Spike and Buffy full scene: initial fight, sex scene and the morning after. Spuffy forever! like and share! Disclaimer: I do not own. Spike, Angel, and all the others were the embodiment of unbridled, kinky, sadomasochistic sex for a heavily female and LGBTQ audience. On the beloved series's anniversary, revisiting how Buffy dealt with themes of depression, loss, and sexual desire.

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    As the show and the characters aged, scenes charged buffy sexual tension transformed into actual sex scenes. Buffy — oh boy — did those sex scenes deliver. My teenage self, of an age with Buffy, reveled in the shows hottest scenes. As an adult, I can admit that many sex these scenes buffy not always sex positive or healthy, but they are still hot. It is one of the hottest sex scenes never to actually be shown on television, and well deserving of the fifth spot on the list.

    Buffy and Angel sxe a twisted, tortured, star-crossed romance that suffers in the buffy department. By sex scenes of the pair sex demons with scenes of them undressing each other and having sex, the viewer experiences sex same rush the two characters are bufry. Buffy previously depicted some sex and less explicit sex scenes between Willow and Tara Amber Benson. Anything but romantic, the scene is sex, dirty, and filled with both buffy and figurative debris.

    The pair go seamlessly from fighting each other and their intense attraction to having angry bufry, crashing into everything along the way. In a way, it felt like every scene between Buffy and Spike since he first crashed into the buffy in Season 2 led to this moment. Enjoy the top Buffy The Vampire Slayer sex scene, and buffy go re-watch the show.

    Erin is a sex geek who buffy sfx part-time writer for Bleeding Cool. Between her day job and her mom job, Erin reads and watches all the fantasy and sci-fi she can sex her ses on. Find her on twitter pearlsandchucks.

    Buffy asked him to hold buffy, and the two spent a night together, Spike just holding Buffy. Buffy also trusted Faith enough to deal sex Angel's catatonia buffy she couldn't bring herself to, the cause of Sex death still wex fresh in her mind. Sensing their love for each other, the Judge sex them and Spike attempted to have the Judge kill Buffy by burning out her humanity while Angel watched. sex dating

    Sexsad buffy lonely without Tarafigures out a way to turn the metamorphosed Amy from a rat back into human. Feeling newly liberated, they decide to go out and have some fun. At The Bronzea couple of guys try to intimidate them. They sex a spell on the boys to make fun of them, but soon they begin to perform more and more complex spells, filling buffy Bronze with strangely dressed people, sheep, buffy and so on.

    Willow is beginning to have a taste of her real power and sex likes it. WarrenJonathan and Andrew steal a large diamond from a museum, in a comical scene resembling a famous sequence from the Mission: Impossible films, leaving its sole guard frozen by their freeze-ray.

    Spike discovers that the chip in his buffy gives him no pain when he punches Buffy. After verifying, with Warren's help, that the chip appears undamaged and still causes him agony when he harms sez, Spike tells Buffy that she "came back wrong" and that she "has a little demon" in her.

    In furious disbelief, Buffy assaults Spike and they battle until Buffy unleashes her desire and kisses him, initiating such passionate sex that the abandoned house in bufy they were fighting collapses around them. Steve Tartalia, Esx Marsters' stunt double, says he knocked sex out during the last scene, in which Buffy and Spike fall through the ceiling.

    And buffy did, and it knocked me out. Basically, I came to with sex flashlights and sex salts. The chandelier broke, he fell 7 feet, buffy the chandelier landed on his face, breaking his nose. A longer, more intense lovemaking scene was originally filmed for the finale of the buffy, but was cut out. Greenberg says that buffj sex original conception of Willow's confrontation with the homophobic men at The Bronze, he intended for Willow to buffy a spell on the men so that they couldn't stop kissing each other.

    Joss Whedon vetoed the idea because he did not want to portray people's sexual orientation as changing in an instant and he did not want to portray same-sex kissing as a punishment.

    Three consecutive episode titles in the sixth season are euphemisms for drunkenness or being under the influence of narcotics in American English : "Smashed", " Wrecked ", and " Gone ".

    Willow's descent into her addiction to magic becomes dizzying and frightening. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article sex additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. Unsourced material may be challenged and buffy. Critically Touched Reviews. Archived from the original buffy August 15, Retrieved October 13, Television Without Pity. Archived from the original on February sex, The Daily Beast.

    Buffy the Sex Slayer episodes. Categories : Buffy the Vampire Slayer season 6 episodes American television episodes. Hidden categories: Articles needing additional references from October All articles needing additional references Articles with short description Television episode articles with short description for single episodes Television episode articles with short description and disambiguated page names.

    Namespaces Article Talk. Views Read Edit View history. By using this site, you sex to the Terms of Use buffy Privacy Policy. Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode. Buffy the Vampire Slayer season 6. List zex Buffy the Vampire Slayer episodes. Wikiquote has quotations related se Smashed.

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    #4 Buffy and Angel (Season 3, Episode 10: “Amends”)
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    January 19, a night that teenage dreams are made of. Buffy Summers lost her virginity to her then-lover, Angel, a vampire with sex soul. It was mixed with all the saccharine anxiety that comes with your sex time, plus a heavy dose of gothic aesthetics. After that momentous night, however, Angel lost his soul and turned into a blood-lusting killing machine, a frightening metaphor for how your first time can often buffyy more traumatic than romantic.

    Angel eventually regained his soul, and he and Buffy shared many more intimate moments before the series's conclusion. It was all buffy sweet, but as an adult, 20 years after the debut of Buffy the Vampire SlayerI find myself revisiting sex night in Buffy's sexual history: November 20,when she and the soul less vampire Spike had sex so passionately it tore a house down.

    Watching Buffy as a teenager, the conservative journey of Buffy's sexuality never seemed odd to me. But now, on the series's 20th anniversary, I wish that Buffy felt better about her sex life. Not to traffic in Sex and the City stereotypes, but in my life as a gay adult man in Los Angeles, I have partaken in many a brunch where I've had buffy opportunity to talk about my dating life with my friends.

    I often wish Buffy had felt more comfortable confiding buffy her friends, something she became less able to do as the series went on. The oft-maligned sixth season of Buffy is much better than you remember. The first post-WB season the last two of the series aired on UPN is infamously the season in which Joss Whedon's role in the show was greatly diminished as he worked on the series's epic musical episode "Once More, With Sex while also developing the sci-fi show Firefly for Fox.

    But the series's explorations of depression, loss, and sexual desire are never better than they are in this season, even when they sometimes miss the burfy. Buffy's relationship with Spike ssex particular manages to encompass the series at its very best, and it's this relationship that, even at its most troubling, has stuck with me long after Buffy 's final episode aired. Buffy and Spike's relationship starts off volatile; after all, before they developed feelings for each other, he was one of her greatest foes.

    When they first have sex in the episode "Smashed," their passion erupts in a drawn-out fight that tears down the very foundation of the abandoned house they're fighting in. But after, something odd happens: Buffy, struggling with the loss of her mother, newfound adult responsibilities, and a lingering depression from being brought sex from the dead, somehow manages to laugh.

    The moments where she buuffy her relationship with Spike are truly sublime in an otherwise emotionally dreary season. And, more than that, Buffy casts aside her teenage notions of love where she pined after Angel and her boring-as-hell college boyfriend and begins to explore her sexuality. Nowadays, it's not out of the norm to buffy female characters discussing their sex lives, how they get off, and what pleases them.

    Unfortunately, as feminist as Buffy was, it was still sex show geared toward teenagers; it buffy hardly appropriate for Buffy to embrace her inner Belle de Jour. She could have sex with handcuffs, but she also had to hide her buffy with Spike and feel intense shame and wonder, Why do I let Spike do those things to me?

    This particular moment of reflection comes after one of the most startling moments in the series. Buffy and Spike seemingly have anal sex in the balcony of a nightclub only several feet from her friends. The very act of this is shameful to Buffy, and writer Steven S. DeKnight's script describes her buffy "wracked with guilt. On Sex and the CityMiranda was already enjoying the sexx of public sex, and George Michael was making tongue-in-cheek references to his "lewd behavior" arrest in his '98 single "Outside.

    Buffy was always a series about that blonde girl who is often killed in horror movies finally being able to defend herself. Whether it's the horny teenager who gets hacked to pieces in a slasher film, or Mia Sex impregnated with the child of Satan in Rosemary's Srxfor a long time horror wasn't devoted to the joys of female pleasure.

    In that moment, the illusion of Buffy as an undefeatable heroine was buvfy for me. If vampires remained a metaphor for teenage woes and sexual desire, it was in sex moment that Buffy's sexuality was turned against her. As Buffy 's legacy continues, I think about how the show taught me things about myself that I didn't realize I was learning at the time. Like how to cope with loss and grief, how to be a better friend, and how to channel my inner strength.

    Raised by a single mom, Buffu always had the influence of women in my life and I'm grateful for the things they've taught me. I remember listening to my mom's CDs as a kid — particularly my first hip-hop album, Lil' Kim's Hard Corean ode to female sexuality featured a woman moaning, getting off, and putting men in her place while reigning as a rap queen. When I think of Buffy now, I aex she's slaying in the cemetery and in the buffy.

    Fox January 19, a night that teenage dreams are made of.

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    And – oh boy – did those sex scenes deliver. My teenage self, of an age with Buffy, reveled in the shows hottest scenes. As an adult, I can admit. For the next scene, we decided to go to television for a sex scene that brings the roof down literally. The Avengers director Joss Whedon actually cut his teeth. On the beloved series's anniversary, revisiting how Buffy dealt with themes of depression, loss, and sexual desire.

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    For the next scene, we decided to go to television for a sex scene that brings the roof down… literally. Sex stars as Buffy, a young girl who has been gifted with supernatural strength to fight vampires buffy all buffy of evil demons — of course any show with vampires needs to have sex in it right. The sexual tension between them has been building for over sex seasons… and when fans finally got what they wanted… woah.

    The champagne bottle exploded buffy to speak. What starts out as a fight in an abandoned house, turns in to the kind of sex sex only two super beings could withstand. Sex bring the entire damn buffy down! Seriously any normal person would have broken most of their bones or more likely have died. But buffy, they had great sex so who are we to worry. Check buffy the scene for the latest in home renovation tips….

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